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Blockbuster calls in the administrators

Blockbuster in Dagenham is the only remaining store in the borough. Do people still rent DVDs from Blockbuster? If so, would it bother you to see them go? Or do people use another local, independent store or prefer to watch their films on TV or online?



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Dee S
never ever used them, dont even know where the nearest store is, but aways feel sorry for people who loose their jobs.
Malai M
In Springfield Drive Yoxley Drive junction, the road is pushed out by water pipe explotion and water is running through yoxley drive. I think it is a big work for Wssex and suffolk company. They worked on this area last week. What happened. there is a company vehicle from more than half an hour. The bad weather would allow them to repaire? or we should reserve some water in pots?

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