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Tesco Thetford Fuel price

How come tesco Thetford still has its diesel at 143p? The shell on a11 is always a penny cheaper than that ! However the reason for asking is that in Norwich both Sainsburys and Asda sell their diesel at 137p!
How does Tesco justify such high prices? easy it's called rip off!! I doubt anyone from Tesco can respond effectively to this question, or can they?


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Russell J
It's not just diesel that's overpriced but petrol is too. £1.36 at the weekend at tesco's but Asda in bury was at £1.31 a litre. It's nearly always 4-6 pence cheaper but because they do cheaper fuel other garages there also have to compete. Roll on Thetford getting asda/morrisons as there certainly seems to be overpricing happening here.
Trevor B
I have to agree. Fuel is much more expensive in Thetford than in Bury. I always try and fill up in Bury if I can, so the Thetford stores do loose out. If you buy a copy of the Eastern Daily Press, you will often find a voucher which will give you 3p a litre off fuel at a number of stations, include the two on the Thetford bypass (All).
Emma A
Not justifying Tescos at all here but when I got to the pump it was £1.42 and I had a voucher for 10p off a litre.
Dave W
I have written to Sainsburys about the 1p reduction when all the national papers quite clearly stated that after ASDA reducing to 1.31 they would follow Tesco. Morrison etc. by 2p, their answer was that they had said UP TO 2p a litre!! I send another email with several links to papers, one of which not only said "By 2P" but was backed up by a Sainsburys director, but they still deny it...... Lets face it the two supermarkets we have in Thetford are, and always have been, rip off merchants when it comes to fuel prices. As for ASDA, well if we all feel that strongly about it  Isuggest we all put pressure on our town council who refused planning permission a few weeks ago before, a few minutes later, changing their minds and posponing it to a later date ???? There has been a LARGE piece on this subject on the SORT IT facebook page I could paste and copy on here if required. It makes for VERY interesting reading I can assure you all.
Trevor B
I do not know if they all operate like this, but the Asda store in Bury has a fuel facility which is unmanned. The only way to buy fuel is with a card. That's fine for many people, but not everyone would like that. So if you want a manned facility that costs more. Of course that does not explain the difference in prices between the same supermarkets in two towns 12 miles apart.
just think if asda & morrisons get go ahead for thetford then perhaps there will be cheaper fuel,then every one can boycot tesco &sainsbury,s.
Richard C
If you looking to save on filling up may i suggest its a free website that lets you look up the cost of fuel in any post code / town area
you can even sign up to a free daily email that gives you the pump prices for up to 3 areas

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