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Ipswich Film Theatre

Something you may not want to miss Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th February. Chasing ice at the Ipswich Film Theatre

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. The story of National Geographic photographer James Balog who set up the Extreme Ice Survey to document melting glaciers, Chasing Ice is a stark and graphic reminder of the effects of global warming. After developing and testing equipment that would survive in some of the most hostile environments in the world, Balog and his team set up 26 time lapse cameras around the Arctic Circle to take photos over a 3 year period. The result is some of the most jaw-dropping imagery you’ll ever see.


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James M
I think I'll give it a miss, the evidence isn't undeniable and this is just another effort by an eco-zealot to brainwash everyone.  Glaciers melt and form all the time, 12,000 years ago most of the UK was under them, where did they go? Was that caused by man? We're in an interglacial right now, of course they are melting.
Michael H
Totally agree , how did this happen before man ! This to me is just another way to make us pay out more money !
The pictures are spectacular and the soundtrack is enchanting. I'd definitely recommend it, if you have an hour and a half to spare for those reasons alone. I agree with others here though; you need to take a pinch of salt with you as far as the story is concerned.
Andy A inactive
Yes James Balog is just another one of those on the bandwagon of sensational movie making.  We have had far too many disaster movies in the past 20 years. The shocking weather conditions and natural disasters we are now facing all over the globe leading swiftly to crop failure and consequently starvation in some areas and hyped food prices in the Western nations, We are LIVING in a disaster movie. We dont need to pay to go and see one surely. However we must face up to it yes? The natural disaster of an interglacial period in human history which is totally outside our control and therefore we can continue to pollute and destroy our planet with the destruction of the rain forests etc. because it dont matter, we can do NOTHING about it. I fear that is exactly what the large industrial nations think. So the answer to these global weather problems and the massive loss of wild life and the eco system under  ever increasing threat ? Forget it. bring it on.
Kathie J
Wow, looks interesting
James M
Agree Andy, we have many real ecological problems in the world, which are being ignored because of one highly suspect proposition which may never happen.
Karl M
Yes, I agree lets ignore those idiots, the next thing, these so called academics will be telling us, is that the world isn't flat !!
James M
I have three science degrees from a Russell group university, Karl.  I worked at a research labs for seven years.  I currently work in numerical modelling.  I have been a student of atmospheric physics for years.  Do you want me to list you academic papers which don't support the global warming meme?  Many scientists don't think the evidence supports the alarm, but you never hear about them.  Now if you want to debate this properly, that's fine, but this is a proper scientific debate, i.e. there are knoweledgable and esteemed academics on both sides of it. It's not 'academics againt idiots' as you appear to protray.
Trevor C
It's a film.  Go and enjoy the skill and the beauty!!
James M
Are there any car chases?
Andy A inactive
karl M Omg the world isnt flat. Lol. 

Well  there is a great deal of confusion regarding the global warming issue and it must surely be time for a very serious scientific debate as James m mentions. Will the truth come out?  I guess it may not be resolved until long after it is too late.
Sentinel R inactive
There was a documentary on the television the other night that mentionned how we are about half way between the last ice age and the next ice age. The ice may be melting and the earth getting warmer but that is to be about 65million or so year it'll all freeze right up again as the angle of the earth tilts a little more. I'm sure its a quite spectacular film but I'd rather not be preached at!
James M
The next ice age is much closer than that!  They come along every 40 thousand years or so, and we're due one pretty soon!
Andy A inactive
Well the burning question now on everybody's mind is ,"Will Tesco's be the only survivors?"  my guess? Yep
James M
And when Ipswich is under 3km of ice.... I bet there will be a traffic light still working
S here
Andy A I hope you are right just booked a holiday abroad on the strength of that so if you don't see S here again I have fell off the edge
Karl M
The irony of some of the comments are truly wonderful and has put a smile on my face, so thank you so I must get back to fixing that bloody Hadron Collider!

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