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removal companies recommendations please

We are looking for a removal company that can cope with our large amount for stuff to an address almost a hundred miles away please? I prefer personal recommendations and someone who doesn't charge the earth!!


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Claire N
We have used dobsons. They are fantastic. Everything went smoothly and by 5 pm it looked like we had lived in the house for ages.
Carol A
I have used Dobsons twice since moving to Devon and each time I was very impressed by their professional approach. The men were friendly and very helpful and I even had a separate small van to transport my specimen plants and shrubs and nothing was damaged. This was a few years ago but I can only assume that with experience they will be even better now! I would not hesitate to recommend them.
John B
My parent's used Taylors of Axminster when they moved to Honiton just before Christmas. They arrived to pack (in OSM) and delivered tot he new house by 12pm with all small carefully packed in boxes. V. good service
Patricia C
Thanks John  do they have email or text please? Patricia
John B
Contact details here:
Tel : .01297 35740 
They do have a website
Patricia C
Thank you John Very useful info. this site really does work!  Patricia C

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