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Personal Assistant Needed

I am looking for a personal assistant to help me to attend social events which occur evenings and weekends. The assistant is paid by "Suffolk Independent Living" at a rate of £7 - £8 per hour plus 40p per mile mileage.
In particular, the events I shall be attending will most be to do with traditional dancing (Morris/Molly).
These occur mainly Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
I am reasonably mobile, but unable to drive. I have Todd's Palsy, which means occasionally you may have to deal with a seizure.
If you, or anyone you know may be interested, please respond to this post.
Best Wishes
Zoe wadey


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Nat Bocking
I know it sounds counter-intuitive but have you contacted the volunteer centres in Halesworth or Southwold and Halesworth Area Community Transport. Perhaps one of their community car / bus drivers would be glad of a little bit of cash. Also a request in the Community News and Holton Post as not everyone is on the net.

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