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Tea Dance!

Come and join us for a Tea Dance!
The first Saturday of every month at Holton Village Hall, 2-4.30pm launching with a Valentines Special on Sat 16th Feb. Afternoon tea included with yummy homemade sarnies and cakes and hot and cold drinks, music and dancing! Tickets £5 in advacne, £6 on the door available from Edwards Restaurant in Halesworth. A great chance to show off those Ballroom Dancing Skills!

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Holton Village Hall

Feb 16


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Teresa G
You might like to put a poster up/ leave some leaflets in the Rifle Hall to promote the event to the Friday evening Ballroom Dancing class.
Kelly P
Thank you Teresa, thats a fantastic idea! Will definitely do that! Do you go to the lessons? Hope to see you at the Tea Dance :o)
Bill E
I doubt whether the Rifle Hall poster idea will go down very well, we put a small poster on their notice board for a little event at Holton Village Hall and it was taken down !!! .
Teresa G
I guess it is their prerogative to choose who advertises what on their notice board. Then again it may not have been a Rifle Hall rep who removed it. In my experience successful marketing is about getting to the right audience - in the interest of community spirit a bit of reciprocal marketing (dance event to class attendees and Rifle Hall class details to the dance attendees) goes a long way. Win win for all parties
Kelly P
Yes I hope so, that was my plan, offer them the opportunity to advertise their dance classes at our Tea Dance! Fingers crossed.
Nat Bocking
If you have an A4 poster you can put it on the 511 Hoppa and the bus for the day centre (2 posters needed) drop in into HACT at the station. The bus buddies will also spread it by word of mouth. 

I find you can put posters up in the Co-op, Library, town notice board in the Thoroughfare (see the clerk), The Cut. Although it's technically flyposting: the fence by the bottle bank in the town car park and on the toilet block in the car park are unofficial notice boards. The Holton Post and the Community News can publish a short listing with enough notice, especially if it becomes a regular event. There is also the Blythweb online calendar and of course twitter, facebook and here. It's absurd that people rip down posters they see as "competition" though its more likely if a poster goes up where nobody asked first.
Kelly P
Thanks Molly thats fantastic! I have a FB page, called 'Tea Dance' so I will see if I can find you, then I can share my page with you!
Kelly P
Thanks Nat, I will definitely do that! Will c if I can get an A4 poster printed. I have put them up everywhere I can think of and shop keepers have all been really lovely & put them in their windows. Not done the Coop so will get down there asap! Holton Post & Comm News editorial coming soon! I 
also have a FB page & Twitter set up. Also noticed this morning that a flyer I put in a telegraph pole near to my house has disappeared already :o( Boooooo.
Zoe W
There are several facebook pages called tea dance, which one is it? please post a link
Nat Bocking
See if the library can give it a mention at the Time Out club. Also tell the volunteer centre perhaps the DRT drivers can give it a mention to their passengers. As one local politician said of advertising events in Halesworth; unless you can get an ad in the middle of Coronation Street, nobody will notice.

Never hurts to mention it/give a poster to Karen Prime at Edwards, and to Kim at the Baytree for their customers and do same in kind.

Some of the shops are great. There's 64 shops in Halesworth. I once counted 19 of them put up community posters. Pinkys, Bookshop, Merlins, Adshop I recall particularly.
Stuart H
Do you think that either of the dance clubs would be interested in doing a proper Blackpool style dance?

I am an organist of 30+ years and have a box that allows me to play Blackpool tower Wurlitzer on an electronic organ. Maybe we could do a special night? I have played numerous times at my wife's business - the baytree bistro in halesworth. What do you all think?
Bill E
I have to say, Stuart is awesome on that machine of his and would surely add a while new dimension.
Kelly P
Hi Stuart, that does sound very interesting! Will u b playing at the Bistro anytime soon? Would love to come & have a listen! If our Tea Dances are a hit, I think a special night would be great :-)
Stuart H
INothing planned atm, but will be recording a few tracks soon at timeshift studios in Halesworth in the spring.

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