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dropped camera on the school run this morning while pulling child on sledge have been told they saw a man pick it up  MUST  FIND THE MAN as precious photos of the children on camera .Can anyone please help x


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Jill A
try yarmouth mercury for an appeal to at least get your card out of the camera
Laraine B
thanks Jill thats what im thinking really need the card back.have put poster up offering a reward ,fingers crossed x
Terri S
have you put card up in tescos chances are if he was local he goes in there for shopping
Laraine B
good idea hadnt thought of tesco will do it tomoz if no luck going to put add in advertiser /mercury  thank you very much
Terri S
its free in there you just fill a card in at customer services...good luck x
Laraine B
thats my job for today and just asked in doctors if can put poster in there x beginning to think not going to get it back
Brenda C
dont give up hope yet laraine . word gets passed around fingers crossed.

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