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A little bit of divesity?

If you havent noticed a little bit of divesity works 
There are quite a good number of folks who are addicted to certain ways of behaving and never seem to get fullfulling results
in  all the things they do  this brought about the suggestion that one should experiment a bit  to have more fulfilling lives i.e
 a little bit of divesity would do


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Fred B
The majority of the human race are inherently stick in the mud mundane creatures of habit.The cause may be  the  economic and social climate to date. But there I am making a excuse for them by saying that .The mere thought of putting a bit of diversity and leading a more fulfilling life is.--- I'm afraid is not in there dictionary.This is my opinion But I get your point. 100% for trying. Are you one of the folk you are advocating or the latter?This would be interesting to me at the time of typing this note.. Me.?..Well got to have something which to write a reply to you. should I get a reply from you, In the mean time I would be interested to hear what you think about me? based on what I have written. mmm( FOOD for thought)...

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