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Broken tv screen

hi i  recently asked if anyone new of any cheap tellys and have looked and found a few bargains but just thought should ask if any one knows of a shop localy that can fix my broken one before i buy new one i did ring samsung (maker of tv tats broken ) but through them it more expensive than orignal price i prchased for


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Roger K
Yhe cost of the display is by far the major cost of a modern flat screen TV.
David L
any idea how much cost for a 43inch screen
Roger K
A USED replacement screen STARTS at around £250, but that depends on the make as these screens are not interchangeable across makes.  There will also be considerable packing charges as well as transport costs involved.

The very best option is to scrap the set, or maybe strip out the panels and flog 'em on E-Bay ---  and buy a new TV.
Graham W
Check this supplier out......
I use them all the time for PC parts, very reliable with good service.
Wendy B
Have you tried Hughes ex-rental tvs on Gorleston Road?
David L
no didnt realise you could buy ex rental ones from there thanks will have a look

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