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Chadwell Heath Station

why or why are cars allowed to park on the hill there & outside the station ? its narrow enough for a bus and a car to have difficulty in passing without all the cars parked to pick up people from the trains.It has yellow lines which are obviously ignored completely and there is a police station at the bottom of the hill but do you ever see the police do anything about the situation ? never once have I seen a policemen booking anyone or try and move them on., or even a single policeman come to think about it.Mini cabs park the other side most of the day on a yellow line how come they can do that, I bet if I was to park there I would get fined.It has always baffled me.


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Bob T
I drive past the station 3 times a week and these cars parked on the hill make it very dangerous. The reason the council will not act is due to fact the cab office is owned by...... Well have a guess.
Pam D
Can't be the council, or is it Liam Smith?  Come on, do tell us.
Dee S
a local councillor ? Bob enlighten me pls ?
well if there is a yellow line there they should get a Ticket I don't know why they are not enforcing This
Julie G
I've always thought it was very dangerous to have the bus stop directly opposite the station entrance because people coming out of the station take great chances trying to get across the road. They have to stand between the parked cars and try to judge when its safe to cross. The zebra crossing further down the road should be moved to the top of the hill and the bus stop moved down. The taxis would then also not be able to park where they do
Lindsey B
It is an extremely dangerous isnt it...who is the local counsellor???Where are the traffic wardens when you need them....they patrol the primary schools , so why dont do patrol stations.... time to get on the case!!!
John D
The answer to my mind is obvious but it will be unpopular! Make the road "double yellow lined" from it's junctions with Burnside / Freshwater to the souh and Wangey / Broomfeild to the north. There are carparks both sides  of the hill. Also consideration should be given to relocating the pedestrian crossing opposite the station entrance
Dee S
there is a free car park at the back of the bingo hall, all you have to do is be a member of the Mecca bingo its free to join, its cheating but okay if you only want to collect someone and dont stay all day.
Barry W
Why are you all surprised this borough has been bent all my life, lived here from birth 70 years ago.
Barry W
Ask your self why was planning permission for a cab office.
Colin N
They're called Avenue Cars on the shop front, but I can't find any companies house listing.
Bernadette G
A few years ago there was some sort of consultation on what would make the area better (LB Barking & Dagenham) - a result of this was that the pavements were tarmaced & the zebra crossing was installed etc.
It was highlighted by many people that parking outside the station was dangerous & impeded good traffic flow & was even suggested that perhaps it should be a red route. Sadly thiswas not acted upon & the situation is getting worse exacerbated by the minicabs doing dangerous u turns at the junction of Station Rd/Broomfield Rd & the whole thing appears out of control.
Also compounding this was that the bus stop on the station side was moved from the little "cut out" bit of pavement to the side of the road so that know the bus does not pull in but sits blocking the road while the passengers get on. I did ask the council why do this stupid,  expensive  exercise & they blamed Tfl.
Perhaps as this is the boundary for B&D & Redbridge they cant decide who should enforce the yellow line.
Pam D
Tfl seem to have a thing about messing up bus stops.  Opposite Barking Station we used to have two bus stops that served 8 buses between them.  Tfl came along to do "improvements" to the area and we've ended up with one bus stop serving 10 buses!

You can imagine what a nightmare it is waiting for your bus to come in and wondering where to wait for it.
Ken R inactive
Same situation at Heathway station. Mini cabs again only sticking to whatever part of the Road Traffic Regs. they feel like (Generalisation). No enforcement as they can't afford the wages of the CEO's.
Colin N
Would be interesting to know why TfL removed the bus lay-by. They must have had some reason. Is the footway very narrow there?

Whilst enforcing the yellow line restrictions is justifiable, putting the cab firm out of business is not desirable - it is very useful to have a minicab service based near each railway station. It would be good to have some arrangement where the minicabs could use the station car park and/or the bingo hall car park (or some other arrangement) so as to avoid/reduce obstructions of this very narrow road.
Bernadette G
Colin no idea why the bus stop was moved from lay by (which is still there). The bus stop only moved a couple of yards. Pavements fairly wide but if they wanted to put a bus shelter no problem putting it where it now is & people walk to the bus in the lay by - just really needed common sense which is in short supply these days particularly  those spending taxpayers money.
Just come out of the station & as usual cars badly parked on the yellow line & traffic backed up to car park, I have often seen 999 vehicles trying to get through & feel for those waiting for their service - I do not know why the emergency services do not make representations to enforce the yellow line.
Dee sadly the police station down the hill is closed to the public & I think they only use it for admin or something the cops in this area come from Dagenham East or Ilford.
Barry W
The Nick will soon be up for sale.
Dee S
more flats then Barry so when all these Romanian gypsies arrive in force we can hand them a door key on arrival ?
Steve K inactive
We have a similar situation in Elm Park and the commuter parking is a nightmare. I emailed 3 councillors only one replied stating that if they implement parking restrictions it will only send them soemwhere else.
It is ok for the roads around Elm Park to be cluttered up with commuter cars but not Upminster. They also stated that they are improving the Broadway at Elm Park as far as I can see they are making the parking on the hill worse. Why not ban all cars from the Broadway and make it for busses only.
Indeed we must prepare to accept the 500,000 new friends to widen our skill base.Enjoy and embrace their ethnic diversity.
Expand more schools get our hospitals to speed up the throughput through the wards and build more cheap housing.
Its good to see we are preparing.
With a population of 80,000,000 by the middle of the century we must start to build now.
More jobs in the building sector at least.

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