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I'd like a news story or two please!

Hi, I'm Georgie and I've been set an assignment at Uni to cover too local news stories. I'm kind of struggling so if anyone could let me know of anything going on that's even slightly news worthy I'd be very appreciative!


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Jane F
Hi, Georgie,
Camden Council has given notice that it will sell the land of what is at the moment a community garden in Bassett Street, NW5. The residents want to save it for the community. On Saturday 10th Nov at 1200 noon they're asking protestors to pose for a photo in the garden to show council it's loved and needed. I am very sad to think council would sell this site and probably develop it with flats. The people behind the protest are ABC Community group and 0-4 Bassett street gardening club. I'm sure they'd be good for a quote. I think this would make a good local story. Go get 'em News Hound. And to everyone else: Please come and join the protest photo. Thanks/
Georgie E
Hi Jane that's absolutely fab, thank you! I'll most defiantly try and come a long and speak to a few people if I can!
Thanks again!
David L

Press Release

Tufnell Park Cycles to School


Contact: David Lincoln

Tel 07714764728


Twitter: @TPC2S

Route found to gets kids active in Tufnell Park 

Campaign Launch Aims to Get Children Cycling and Walking on Safe Routes to School.

33% of Islington children would prefer to cycle to school but less than 3% actually do. (Many children, and especially their parents, are discouraged from cycling because the roads look and feel unsafe.

It often seems safer, quicker and more convenient to take children to school by car which increases congestion and sometimes creates danger at the school gates. 

Tufnell Park Cycles to School is a campaign which aims to integrate cycling and walking into children’s daily routine. By proposing a local network of safe routes to school linking six local schools and six local play spaces, the campaign aims to give children and parents the confidence to make active travel choices such as cycling, walking or scooting.

“Cities which have high levels of cycling have made streets that look and feel safe to ride on,” said campaigner David Lincoln (45) father of two primary school children. “The Times’ ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign and Boris Johnson election commitment to ‘Go Dutch’ show a growing understanding that streets need to be re-designed to give greater priority to cycles and pedestrians.”

The campaign is working with Islington and Camden councils to consider how junctions and crossings along the route may be improved. Adequate cycle parking in schools and the environment outside the school gates will be reviewed. Campaigners say the 2 mile circular route will also be ideal for joggers and walkers. 

Cyclists can ride the proposed at 2pm on Saturday 10th November starting at the Farmer’s Market, Tufnell Park Tavern. The campaign will be hosting a stall at the market from 11- 3 and Dr Bike will have a surgery 12 - 2pm for bike check-ups and minor repairs.   

Notes: Tufnell Park Cycles to School is supported by Islington Cyclists’ Action Group and Camden Cycling Campaign.


Islington children’s travel preference:

The Times: Cities Fit for Cycling campaign

Boris Johnson’s election pledge to Go Dutch


David L

Hi Georgie. Same story but ....

Regular cycling is great for health and well being but few children can be seen out on their bikes even in the relatively benign residential streets of Tufnell Park. 33% of children in Islington would prefer to cycle to school but less than 3% actually do. The main reason children don't cycle is because the roads look and feel unsafe, especially to their parents. 

It is often safer, quicker and more convenient to take children to school by car and so at school-run time  the streets outside our schools are clogged with cars. Inconsiderate parking, manoeuvring vehicles and impatient through-traffic outside the school gate endangers kids and makes  arrival on foot or bike less pleasant.

As a consequence, childhood obesity has become epidemic and chronic disease associated with inactivity is threatening  the health of children into adulthood. Statistical evidence proves that you are more likely to die from an inactive lifestyle than be involved in an accident and die as a result of cycling. However dry statistics don't have the same impact,for example, as  the physical evidence  of a close pass by a speeding vehicle or the report of yet another cycling fatality in London.

Tufnell Park Cycles to School is a campaign to promote cycling and walking as part of children's daily routine. If 20 mph becomes the norm it will help, but cities that have achieved high levels of cycling make streets that look and feel safe to  ride on. We propose a circular network of safe routes to school connecting six local schools and six  play places. The 2 mile route would be a focus for resources with improvements made to prioritise the cyclist and the pedestrian, and with special attention to junctions, crossings and the environment outside of schools. 

The Times' 'Cities Fit For Cycling' campaign, Mayor Boris Johnson's election commitment to 'GoDutch' and the 'Get Britain Cycling' parliamentary inquiry show  a broad recognition of the need for urban design to promote cycling. The development of the route might have to be incremental as resources allow, but we feel it is a simple idea whose time has come.  A 2 mile safe route linking schools and parks would encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to school or play but also be an ideal resource for health walkers and joggers in Tufnell Park. 

Yours Sincerely
David LincolnTufnell Park Cycles to School
Twitter: @TPC2SEmail: TPC2S@HOTMAIL.COMFacebook: TufnellParkCyclesToSchool

P.S. We will be hosting a stall at Saturday's Tufnell Park Farmer's Market between 11 - 3 with a family friendly ride around the proposed route at 2pm. Dr Bike will be on hand from 12 - 2 for a free bike check-up.  Please view our web-page at


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