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Suffolk drops down secondary schools GCSE league table

Did you hear Councillor Graham Newman's response to criticism of Suffolk's poor position in the GCSE league table, on BBC Look East this evening?

I thought he showed a lack of determination to correct the situation, confirmed the county's low expectations and is in denial that he and his department should be doing more.

But, what do you think?


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Nick Pye
The county has fallen from 123rd place last year and is now 142nd out of 151 local authorities.
Andy A inactive
These results are shocking. I did see the Look East program and I was cringing at the replies Newman made to each question  or statement put to him. The facts speak for themselves. But in true political form it was DENY DENY DENY !
Sweep it under the carpet and pray nobody has really noticed ! Pass the buck as far as you can. That's the first thing you learn in politics. Deny everything you can as far as it is possible. That's the second thing you learn in politics. If you dont think you can get away with lying then do the next best thing,  waffle and overspeak anyone talking to you. That's the third thing you learn in politics. Say nothing or say "no comment " That's the fourth thing you learn in politics. Any of these, or any combination of these actions will do fine. And now with their heads well and truly buried in the sand nothing will be done for
a very long time. And guess what? When something is finally sorted out and done they will get the plaudits and DENY ever having made any negative comments in the first place. Yep lets leave it to the politicians to sort out. Recruiting Head masters and teachers is at an all time low. The morale in the teaching profession is at an all time low. And no wonder when they have that kind of back up from the politicians. Ermm I will deny everything I wrote here if questioned about it at any time in the future.
S F inactive
You get my vote Andy!  Well said!
Glen C
I didn`t like the fact they were trying to place the blame on parents for lack of engagement. my 16 yr old is doing his GCSE`s when we had a briefing session to explain what to expect and what is expected of us as parents the hall was packed. I saw nothing but parents and teachers working together trying to ensure the best study environment for our children.

I have family and friends that are teachers and while I dont agree with every thing Andy A is saying he is right about morale being so low in the teaching profession . After watching Look east I can fully understand why he would feel that way about politicians and he is not alone in those feelings.

But believe me even if they sound like hollow words we are not all the same and we owe it to our residents to go out and prove that.As they say actions speak louder then words
Andy A inactive
Yes Glen C. I truly believe there are honest men and women who have taken up a career in politics. I also feel for these ones who must  face a constant battle against all odds in  their attempts to make a better life for us all in what must often be a no win situation with flack from the public and hardly any support from their peers. I think the public perception of politicians is understandably low when we witness the corruption among so many of them that  have been exposed through the media in the past few months. Whatever our political colour ( or none at all ) every family deserves the very best for their children. Education education education. ( who coined that phrase and then did nothing about it?) Our children are the future. Without the best education possible throughout the whole system, we have no future. None of us. The youth of our nation who study to become the doctors and scientists and teachers etc of the future must gain our full support  throughout their lives as students. This nation owes them the best teachers with the very best training... Britain  has the best Universities in the world throughout England,Scotland Ireland ,Wales and also Eire. No other nation can compare. So please  let this government and all parties back up and support the education system as a matter of emergency NOW.
Mark D
A public meeting was held last week to discuss the flaws behind the School Reorganisation (SOR) going on in our area there were speakers including headteachers, governors, Graham White (NUT) and Nigel Wyatt, National Middle Schools Forum. They spoke to over 200 people inc District Councillors and our MP David Ruffley who said: "It's been a slow plane crash" and the Suffolk County Council have "handled things badly". He is now arranging talks with Councillor Newman as his "voters" are furious and want answers!
It would be helpful if the schools could be named on streetlife, my son took his daughter out of Thurleston high school as it was then, and put her into a school at Claydon, since being there she has greatly  improved and now signed up for IT and business studies at the Ipswich college
Mark D
The schools involved at the public meeting were pyramid schools in Stowupland and Stowmarket that are currently going through School Organisation Review (SOR) which will close four good middle schools in 2015 if the Cabinet push it through on February 26th. Many believe there is a direct corrolation between when SOR started and the slip in Suffolk's standings in the tables. There is a very good website that tells you more...........

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