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New Years Resolution - Weight loss?

I am starting a new Slimming World group on New Years Eve at Brixington Church, Churchill Road, at 5pm and 7pm. This will continue every Monday at the same times.

If you want to lose weight or just want to be healthy and start living your life then please come and join me.

Slimming worlds healthy eating plan is so easy and if you follow it 100% I guarantee you WILL lose weight.

Your weight will never be disclosed and you will certainly never be humiliated, it will be a fun evening swapping great ideas with a raffle and free tea or coffee.

For more information visit the Slimming World Internet site or contact me on or 07568 585523. Or just turn up on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you.



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Debs S
Hello Andrea
Looking forward to seeing you at your 5 o'clock slot. 

I have found slimming world easy to follow and highly recommend it. Have been using group since July and nearly reached 2 stone. Good luck in your new venture. 

Debs S
Andrea K
Hello Debs,

Wow 2 stone, you must feel amazing. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and welcoming new members although I'm feeling very nervous at the moment!!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and ill see you in a couple of weeks.

Andrea x
Jan N
Hi Andrea

No need to be too nervous - we're a friendly lot at the Brixington Slimming World Group. See you at 5pm on the 31st.

Andrea K
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your support, looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. Have a great Christmas and see you New Year's Eve!!

If you are on Facebook I have now set up a closed slimming world group. If you friend request me ill add you to it. X

Pauline L
Hi Andrea - is there any chance you might be able to start a daytime meeting at Brixington please?
Andrea K
Hi Pauline, thanks for your message.

I would love to start a daytime meeting and that is my plan. As I have just taken over from Debbie, I have to wait to see how this group takes off first, but I am looking at maybe 6 to 12 months time. I take it evenings are no good for you? I will of course advertise a new group so hopefully you will hear about it. My tel no is 07568 585523 should you wish to discuss anything.

Kind regards

Pauline L
Hi again - apologies for delay in responding.  I'd prefer a daytime meeting, particularly in winter, and already go to one in town.  Brixington would be morre convenient for me however so I'll stick with my current group but will keep an eye on this website in case you decide to start a daytime group!

Many thanks - Pauline
Andrea K
Hi Pauline, I will let you know when a new daytime session is due to start nearer yourself. I understand that the 5pm is too late for you but if your circumstances change or you just fancy a change you will be most welcome to come and join us.
Andrea K
It's never to late to start getting healthy. If you want to do it in a fun and enjoyable way without ever feeling hungry, please come along to Brixington Church Hall on Monday evenings 5pm or 7pm and join Slimming World. There is a voucher in woman magazine (on sale now) for free membership. Save yourself £10. Hope to see you there. Andrea
Ann P
Talking about getting fit, if anyone has always fancied having an exercise bike but couldn't afford it, there's one going for a token fiver at our house.   The new owner would need to collect and it's heavy!

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