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dog poo

i know most dog owners are quite responsible, but there are some who happily let their dogs poop on the pavement and walk away assuming someone else will clear up their dogs mess.

Others pick the dogs mess up in a bag, tie it up and throw it in the kerb, then when a car parks, it goes over the bag, splits the bag and the dogs poo is back on the street, the poo is unpleasant and comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is also a danger to children, and some of these people have kids and are well aware of the danger. Lastly, the dog owners never let the dog go outside their own door to poo, always (it seems) its my door.

I am an animal lover, i dont have a dog, because i cant give it the time due to working, i will not leave a dog in a flat all day,  but i am calling on all dog owners to take responsibility for their pets and pick their dogs poo up.

i am not talking about the responsible dog owners, who pick the poo up and tie the bag and dispose of it properly either in a park doggie bin, or in their own refuse, its the selfish stupid morons who just dont give a damn.


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Deirdre W
perhaps campaigne for more dog poo waste bins,from council or private sponsers,saying DOG POO only, and pooper scoopers on a chain like new york. My road has far too much dog poo and bags thrown in gutter.
David S
I don't think it's a lack of bins or paraphernalia but the mindset and attitude. We have a similar issue near us, the walk to school involves a road with no houses so it is seen as reasonable by some to let their dogs crap everywhere.

All too often, if seen and challenged it is remarkable how many feign innocence and then state they don't have a bag with them (not sure what the hell they thought they were doing with their dog - out to take the air perhaps?). Others one would not even consider challenging due to the risk of personal violence. Simply put it, it is in the attitude.

My personal belief is that all dogs should be licensed at a hefty sum allowing for better monitoring of both bad owners and rogue dogs. Add in actually fining and even keeping watch on areas where it is a problem and there may just may be a chance to change some of the ingrained behaviour that seems to think this is ok.
John H inactive
Deirdre's comment bringing new york into it, actually reminds us that it is a worldwide problem,

As David says, if you ask them to pick the poo up, they always say they havent got a bag on them, one of my neighbours actually told one person to wait while she went and got them a bag, the guilty persons dog had poo'ed outside her door every day for a week, until she finally caught him, then he said he didnt have a bag, well obviousy he never has a bag

we did have wardens a couple of years ago employed by the council, but they were getting assaulted every day, because they had to get peoples names and addresses to fine them, then they started following people home to find out where they live and of course there was lots of trouble, well they lasted a couple of weeks and we havent seen them since..

i just think its a horrible problem, my road is quite a nice road and its ruined by dogs poo, people need to take responsibility wether its a big dog or a little dog. it doesnt take long to pick the mess up and it does make a difference to peoples environment.
David S
John's comment about the wardens being abused and threatened shows the scale of the problem - who would want to try and stop those that allow it. We can use judgement and it may embarrass someone for that moment but the bigger issue is the potential for retaliation.

I am personally sick and tired of it. Walking my son to school is like an obstacle course (with of course extra delights such as huge amounts of rubbish including bottles filled with pee on the wild growing edge). Nice.

The smeared poo shows that distracted people walk in, smear it, making the spread worse, and then we come to people who walk in even a small amount of this putting their feet on seats in buses transferring dog poo and disease where hands can touch it freely.

So what is the answer? Photograph those responsible and have a web site to shame them, ask for details and encourage council to prosecute? Maybe a way forward. Problem remains catching the filthy people.
Jill C
Hi All,

I recently joined Camden Council as Estate Services Supervisor for Kentish Town Ward. I don't know where you live or if it's an area I cover but, I can assure you that this is a matter that was brought up in a recent meeting and the council are very keen to know about specific areas and estates who suffer the worst from dog fouling.

It is actually the responsibility of Veolia to undertake all street cleaning and external cleaning within estate blocks but, Camden do regular 'Dog Poo Days' where we assist Veolia in the removal of dog waste across the estates. and if Veolia are not keeping on top of it, we need to know!

If your road/estate suffers considerably from dog fouling then please do report ALL instances and where possible give address details for the owner. We will act on it! Sadly we are unable to issue fixed penalty notices under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 until an authorised officer witnesses the owner or whoever is walking the dog, walking away making no attempt to clear up after that dog. Also the block must be open to the public  i.e. on the street or an estate without security doors/gates etc.

If it's a problem occuring on an estate we can issue letters to all residents  outlining tennant responsibilities within their tennancy agreements and if problems reoccur, an authorised officer can be allocated to monitor that block.

If you don't report it, we cannot know there is an ongoing problem so, please feel free to complain!

All the best
David S
Hi Jill,

good to know that it is on the agenda in Camden. I am in Hackney and therefore be interesting to know if anyone from Hackney LB is reading these threads. If so please respond...we would be delighted to engage.

Mind you Jill, all very well clearing up after the perps but what about changing their behaviour? 

John H inactive
well jill works in camden, david lives in hackney and i live in islington... so its not a local problem, the council are happy to put up signs, but they dont seem to be policing it, they say you should report your neighbours, but that nothing can be acted upon unless a council official actually catches the dog with its owner doing the dirty deed...... its  a bit hit and miss. i just dont think enough is being done. we need real deterrents,   £1000 fines, asbo's, name and shame, see if that helps people to remember their bags, im sure if they thought they could get a £1000 fine, they would pick the poo up with their hands.
Deirdre W
There is not a single rubbish bin on my very long rd , put the signes on bins on the trunks of trees even, and provide more bins , it draws attention to the the dog poo problem, as people are too lazy to take it home , and men dont often carry bags,and find it distastful!,, we have to help the dog owners or expect this bad habit , also throwing rubbish on the streets ,or out of cars  just as bad..I dont think they will ever patrol fowlers, lot of bins , on all streets,is cheaper
Teresa D
dear John you have got it so right! in bags under cars, in the gutter, on the pavement, under shoe. i live in Hackney and work in Chelsea, believe me the problem is much worse there, there are more people with dogs, (they are richer of course), and there is it's nightmare, i feel so much better walking here without having to look at the floor all the time!

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