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dog poo

John H in Angel
i know most dog owners are quite responsible, but there are some who happily let their dogs poop on the pavement and walk away assuming someone else will clear up their dogs mess.

Others pick the dogs mess up in a bag, tie it up and throw it in the kerb, then when a car parks, it goes over the bag, splits the bag and the dogs poo is back on the street, the poo is unpleasant and comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is also a danger to children, and some of these people have kids and are well aware of the danger. Lastly, the dog owners never let the dog go outside their own door to poo, always (it seems) its my door.

I am an animal lover, i dont have a dog, because i cant give it the time due to working, i will not leave a dog in a flat all day,  but i am calling on all dog owners to take responsibility for their pets and pick their dogs poo up.

i am not talking about the responsible dog owners, who pick the poo up and tie the bag and dispose of it properly either in a park doggie bin, or in their own refuse, its the selfish stupid morons who just dont give a damn.

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