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Parish Council Meeting 16th April, 7.30pm

Marion M in Ashby Puerorum

If you have never, or rarely, been to a PC meeting, why not have a look in and see for your self, first hand? It's the only way. If you don't know, you can't say!

Or maybe you do go along occasionally or just if you have a point to raise. Whatever, the PC's remit is that it is there for you and is, by the way, supported by your money (via the Council Tax).

Thinking ahead..........April 26th is the Annual PARISH Meeting. There will be more news nearer the time, but it is there for you. There will be some very light refreshments too for everyone. (The current Village Voice carries news of it).


Meanwhile, there's news of JK Rowling's next book, and it is an adult one this time! I don't know when it is out, but there are excerpts available to read. I wonder how true to life this book will be.


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