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shoe grips

does anyone know where you can buy shoe grips in Ipswich that stop you slipping on the ice? Or rather they are SUPPOSED to stop you crashing down!  I'm trying to prevent falls this year being of bus pass age!!  Thanks.


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Spotty Dog
Aldi had them in as a special buy on December 2nd. Whether they have any left in store now I wouldn't know.

There are a few Aldis in the area
Sarah C
Cant get to Aldi til tomorrow at the earliest...lets hope....Thank you anyway! :-)
Jenny B
I think I saw some in Lydl last week but haven't been up this week yet. Sometimes you can get them from magazines or newspapers.
Sarah C
Are they any good? They LOOK as if they would be but theyre not around in shops very much....has anyone tried them?
Sally M
Used them last year, in Iceland, the country not the shop!, absolute wonder no slipping at all, on packed ice and snow.
Sarah C
i must get them, they sound great! I come down with such a flippin bang - just a bit more wary this year as getting no younger! :-/.
Kathie J
They are really good, you will feel much more confident!
Lee K
I saw some in QD at hadleigh yesterday maybe something they have in the ipswich store as well
Pat C
saw them in maplins(of all places) today
John P
debenhams, saw them at the weekend, on the ground floor.
Sarah C
Fantastic, thanks so much for really helpful replies! :-)
Sarah C
Have just bought a pair from Maplins. £9.99. Thanks anyway :-)

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