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scam ??

Hi had a phone call from some one who said they where from windows 7 that I had a problem with my P/C . told  them did not want to  now. And put the phone down . As if i have a problem take it to the computer shop in Beccles . Is it a scam ? they then take over your p/c then need your pin number to fix as you have to pay ? any one come across this .


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Matthew G
Yes, total scam.  Just tell them to f**k off!
Dave C
Or do as I do and have a little fun with them as I also run machines with Ubuntu and Mac OSX.

Ultimately these people will try and charge you x amount of money but will leave your system in a complete state.
June W
total scam denny do not take any notice and just hang up pain in the watsit these people, but people are now becoming wise to them and just hanging up when i got a call and refused to co-operate the chap on the phone became very abusive i just let him rant on left the phone running and made a cup of tea! he had hung up by the time i got back ha.
Ri Bo
Just give them your bank account details and a list of your valuables.
Yes, they say there are problems on your pc & they will fix them, then tell you something to type in the run box. This brings up a list of files that they say are problems (of course they are not - everyone will have these files! )

They then direct you to an internet site which lets them access your computer to 'fix' the problems. If you let them do this you might just as well do what Richard B says.
Mervyn A
Had the same phone calls - just like june W - just leave them talking wjile youre doing something else

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