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I'm confused!

Pining Lass in Bulverton
In the Herald today there is an article which states that the EDDC are considering a levy on new houses which will be three times as much in Sidmouth, Budleigh and other coastal areas as in areas like Honiton and Exmouth. The rationale would seem to be that Sidmouth etc are less suitable for new homes, and I therefore assume that the two tier levy is an attempt to dissuade builders from building in 'sensitive' areas.

On the other hand the EDDC is pushing planning applications for houses on the Knowle, at Manstone and at Port Royal (eventually).

Are they trying to put off builders, or encourage them, or walk a tightrope between encouraging them and getting as much money out of them as possible so that they can spend most of it on other parts of East Devon?

It seems that any money from the old levy had to be spent in the area the housing was in but that soon it can be spent anywhere within the authority. This doesn't seem fair to me.

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