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Notice Board at Pure Indulgence

Interesting items on the "Notice Board" on the Pure Indulgence back wall in Old Fore Street. I wonder if it needed planning permission.................


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Sidmouth Seagull inactive
It did make me think.

Do you remember all that graffiti which was on that wall a few years ago?  That seemed to get painted over quickly.
Jackie G
Good to have a smart Community noticeboard just for local, non-commercial events and info. Different focus from the other public noticeboards. Lots of people seem to be reading it with interest. 
Well done to the Council for getting graffiti cleared up quickly. See more's now appearing at Blackmore Gardens.....
Tell It As It Is inactive
It does look smart .......... thats probably because it is new wood. I see that it has the usual quiz notices and other announcements ....... also quite a lot of SOS related posts. Still wonder .............. did it need planning permission? Does it fall within the regulations for external advertising?
Pining Lass
As long as it isn't internally illuminated it is probably OK !
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Steven Kendall-Torry (owner of Pure Indulgence) Chairman of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce.  I would have thought it needed permission - but don't know.

The former cafe (opposite Potbury) also has plans of the Knowle in the window too.  Despite all the publicity for the Knowle Parkland, when I walk through it is very short on people using the grounds......... mostly just me, or us.  You would have thought all the generated more interest.  More and more people seem to be using the Byes even when wet!  The Goyle is also no longer a superb secret.
Anne V inactive
What is the Goyle, Seagull?

Pining Lass, nice one! ;)
Jackie G
Will leave Seagull to say more about Goyle, Anne (though I'll mention it's just off Seafield Rd).
Byes, Goyle and Knowle serve different purposes, though they're all part of the Green Wedge, which has been very carefully looked after...til now! Only Knowle has car parking spots used by weekend shoppers; acts as a soakaway, so more flooding's averted that side of town; and has historic parkland with the oldest Monterey pine in the UK. (See Old Monty 18 Dec post on  ) Tourists like this stuff.

 Wonder how many people know they are supposed to send in their views on Knowle Plans to the Council, by next Friday lunchtime (1st  February)? That's why the new notice board in Old Fore Street is handy, to inform the public the Council don't,or won't, reach. (More at
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Anne V

Go along Manor Road past the theatre it is on the right - just before you reach
Glen Road.  Or opposite the ski chalet flats, nice walk.  


From the town go onto the cricket field - along by Belmont Hotel, walk along the passage by the ski chalets - it is opposite.  It is a lovely walk.......(not many seats, one or two)....strange the Knowle has seats and not people the Goyle is used and not enough seats!

Getting back to the Knowle, there are double gates  which could be opened up to make this parkland more accessible or remove these weather not ideal I know - saw nobody using these grounds.  I have to walk up a hill either way.......

Jackie G:  I would like to see some tourist using this parkland!  I went on the S.O.S. walk but I feel this more open access and more inviting, the railings and gates give it the 'keep out' and should we really be here.  People ought to be encourage to use this land now.


There are plenty of walks in this area, you can go through Bickwell Valley and wind yourself to Woolbrook or go up to the Golf Course and Muttersmoor.  There are a few acres of land at Balfour Manor - these a private - but look more inviting to enter than the railings and gates etc.  But it is private.   My favourite walks are up onto the golf course, but not at the moment too slippery.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

What I am trying to say is we supported the S.O.S. campaigns, I have been actively using this parkland......   This public open space if saved, should be actively used by Sidmouth people and used...... at the moment I feel I am intruding in somebody's garden - not welcoming at all.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Dear Tell It As It is   

This was June 2007 - so it may be outdated.
I would think it may need planning permission - not sure, conservation area?
I am sure Pure Indulgence would have checked this before putting the display cabinet up.

Class 3(D) permits temporary notices or signs which are intended to advertiseany local event being held for charitable purposes, which may be religious,educational, cultural, political, social or recreational, but not for anycommercial purpose. This permission would include an advertisement for:● a church bazaar● a fete for a parent-teacher association● a sponsored marathon in aid of charity● an amateur sports event, but not any sporting event organised forcommercial purposes.The advertisement permitted by Class 3(D) must not exceed 0.6 of asquare metre.Class 3(E) permits temporary notices or signs advertising that a demonstrationof agricultural methods or processes is taking place on the land wherethey are being displayed. The total area of all such notices must not exceed1.2 square metres in aggregate and no individual notice is to exceed 0.4 ofa square metre. They may be displayed only for a period of six months inany year.Class 3(F) permits temporary notices or signs announcing the visit of atravelling circus or fair. These advertisements must not be displayed morethan 14 days before the opening of the circus or fair and must be removedwithin seven days afterwards. The local planning authority must be told14 days beforehand of the sites of the notice. The notice or sign must notexceed 0.6 of a square metre.Advertisements permitted by Class 3 must not:● have any letters, figures, symbols or similar features of the design over0.75 of a metre in height, or 0.3 of a metre in height if they are in anyArea of Special Control;● have the highest part of the advertisement at more than 4.6 metresabove ground-level, or 3.6 metres in any Area of Special Control (exceptfor estate agents’ boards, in Class 3(A), advertising a sale or letting ofpremises situated in a building above these specified height limits); or● be illuminated in any circumstances.And, if a Class 3 advertisement relates to a sale or event, it must not bedisplayed more than 28 days before the sale or event begins and must beremoved within 14 days after it ends.Class 4: illuminated advertisementsClass 4 permits the display of advertisements with either internallyilluminated letters or characters on an unilluminated background or litby ‘halo’ illumination.An advertisement permitted by Class 4:● must not have any intermittent light source, moving feature, animationor exposed cold cathode tubing;16Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers● must not have more than one such fascia panel and one projecting atright angles;● in the case of a shop, may only be displayed on the wall with a shop window;● must be at least 2.5 metres high at its lowest point;● if a fascia panel, must not extend more than 0.25 of a metre from the wall;● if a projecting sign, must not exceed 0.25 of a metre between the two sides.Class 4 does not extend to any premises in a Conservation Area, Area ofOutstanding Natural Beauty, National Park, the Broads, or Area of SpecialControl of Advertisements.Class 4(A) permits internally or ‘halo’ illuminated advertisements on premiseswithin a retail park but only on a frontage which faces or overlooks acommunal car park. A projecting sign on these premises must not exceed1 square metre, project more than 1 metre from the wall or be more than1.5 metres high. An example is shown in illustration 21.17Advertisements which are normally permit
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

The graffiti on the wall was a few years ago, I don't think the Council removed it...
..... may be wrong.  It is old news, on the old forum - but the display board is sited on the spot.
Jackie G
Overheard someone else today saying 'What a good idea' , as they passed that board.
 Probably no-one said that about the graffiti....
Angie Carney
A bit contraversial maybe, but I liked the graffiti and took a few photos of people stopping to look and to read it. It was angry but not in an abusive way - I didn't think so anyway. Whoever did it took some care over it. I'm not condoning vandalism at all. It was the wrong thing to do, but I like the idea of people engaging with someone else's thoughts in that way.
Tell It As It Is inactive
SS - many thanks for taking the time to find that link. Do you know if it is a 'public' board insofar as anyone can pin items to it or is it a private board for the SOS brigade or the shop-keeper? I wonder if it will survive a Saturday night?
Jackie G
Believe it's a  community board, for local, non-commercial events.and info. Good reasons for it to survive Saturday nights!
Tell It As It Is inactive
Ah thanks Jackie G ....... I somehow don't think those that stagger past on a Saturday night are that community minded ............ certainly those that smashed the door glass of the mobility shop last night weren't.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Tell It As It Is

How can it be a public notice board?

Who do you go to with your posters?

If it is the shop's notice board  - it would not be a public notice board.  S.O.S. have got  info on it, but say for example a campaign group called S.O.P.P.Y. wanted to object to S.O.S. would their posters be shown?

If it is a private notice board - it is wrong.  Mr Seagull has just thought of what SOPPY could stand for........
Tell It As It Is inactive
Well thats what I wondered SS ............. other posters could be simply pinned to the board as and when ............. so it is a bit of a mish mash. I don't think any planning permission was applied for either which is a bit suprising as, if the shopkeeper is the chair of the chamber of commerce, then he should know what the proper procedures are. Perhaps planning permission isn't required but something doesn't smell right here .............. usually there would have been a lot of objections when something like this appears on a shop wall. Strange ..............

Go on then .......... SOPPY?
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
How can anybody  E.D.D.C. for not going the Knowle issues correctly.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Sorry folk in a rush....
Just re-read my post:
How can anybody criticize E.D.C.C. about not going about things correctly.....if this notice board has just been put.  If this did not need planning permission ignore this post, but it can't be one rule for one and one rule for others......

Again...sorry for the errors when I am in a rush......I make loads of errors in haste.
Jackie G
Good points, Seagull.
Tell It As It Is inactive
Yes totally agree with you SS ................ it cannot be 'one rule for one and one rule for others' .............. wasn't a premises just adjacent in Old Fore Street told to take their notices down by the council? EDDC cannot be at fault if they don't know about it and perhaps, as you allude to, planning permission is not required. That was really the purpose of my first post in this thread ............ wondering if planning permission is required .............. those rules are so complicated.........
Tell It As It Is inactive
Apparently planning permission is required and the shop owner has been given 28 days from the beginning of January to apply for it or take the board down. I would have thought there are enough public notice boards around the town and we don't really need another one. Wonder if the Sidmouth Posse will object?

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