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A30 Roadworks: Have your say..

The Camberley Society
in Fox Lane

PUBLIC MEETING: Tuesday 21st July in the Function Room at Camberley Theatre starting at 7.30pm.

We have been asked to tell you about a public meeting to discuss issues relating to the planned A30 road works from Knoll Road to The Meadows and the bus lane. The meeting is organised by Denis Fuller (who is a county councillor).

David Ivison (Surrey CC Local Area Chairman), will co chair the meeting. This is not a Camberley Society initiative but

David Powell (The Camberley Society's Chairman) will also co-chair the meeting, on a neutral basis.

Denis Fuller states: "You may be aware that there are plans under discussion relating to improvements at either end of the A30, i.e. on each side of the Frimley Road junction. Also part of A30 is due to be re-surfaced under SCC’s Operation Horizon. The Bus Lane is one of the issues, but not the only issue. The A30 impacts several residential roads around the area; rat-running and HGVs in unsuitable roads are just two more of the issues.

It is clearly important to have all sides of the various issues represented at the meeting, including bus operators, police, bus-users, residents of the flats, houses, churches, businesses and other organisations along and close to London Road. It is hoped they will all come along and express their opinions.

It is hoped that decisions will be made and work will commence in the not too distant future.

This will quite possibly be one of the few opportunities to raise concerns and questions before work commences to improve London Road. Please pass this information to anyone else who might be interested."

Denis will be pleased to receive any comments by email from anyone who cannot attend this meeting so that their views can be aired - email: