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big bang

did anybody hear the loud bang at 17:00 hrs on the 16/11/12 was it thunder or and explosion  talk about heart attack and now 17:07  hrs both our fire engins have gone past head towards chadwell heath/marks gate


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I heard it but thought it was thunder

Any news on what it was?
Think it was thunder as there was another loud rumble about 5.40
Linda H
Yes we heard it, it did not sound like thunder, we thought it was a sonic boom maybe.
Lesley S
big bang at 5am that day was car set on fire at the robin hood. in alleyway behind the shops.spread to ignite another car next to it.
dont know about any big bang at 5pm though
Rosalyn S
Yes I saw the lightening first then the massive bang
Debbie inactive
It was indeed thunder, it was heard in romford also.
mad artful dodger greg s
yes linda h i did not think it was thunder it did not sound like thunder it did give me a heart attack

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