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Satellite enthusiasts

I'm a satellite enthusiast. This means I like to be able to receive and watch satellite channels from across Europe in various languages, not Sky Digital. I see there are various large satellite dishes locally, but it's difficult or impossible to find out who they belong to. I'd like to meet up with some fellow satellite enthusiasts locally to discuss our viewing habits and various TV programmes we've watched. Unfortunately, I faced a lot of illegal anti satellite harassment in London Borough of Camden, where I used to live. I was told where I could and couldn't live by organised gangs calling themselves "conservationists" who like to impose their lifestyle onto other people. About half of London Borough of Camden is made up of Conservation Areas. After all this, I haven't got a satellite dish installed at my current address. I've bought the dish, but haven't yet bought any LNBs, cabling, or F plugs. Unfortunately, I don't think I can afford to have the dish installed at the moment, so I plan to attempt installing it myself, but it would be good if a fellow satellite enthusiast could give me a hand. 


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Rachella S
Conservation area restrictions do not prohibit you from putting up a satellite dish, they just specify where you can place it. This is to stop people from plastering the front of their houses whith the ulgy things.
I'm with Noel Park net
Paul B
I'm afraid that based on my experience you're wrong. I viewed several flats which I didn't end up renting because I was banned from having a satellite dish by the Landlords. When I found one where I was "allowed" to have a dish, I later got a complaint from the freeholder, who of course I hadn't heard of and couldn't contact before I moved in. They said I must get planning permission and move the dish onto the roof, otherwise they would remove it and throw it away! They gave me only two weeks to do this, although it takes three months to get planning permission. I moved it to the roof without planning permission and only lived there for about another three months or less, anyway. I assume from your comment that you're a conservationist. I think this because you say that satellite dishes are ugly, but I think they're works of art, which indicate "a nice area". Do you like cats as well?
Lora M
Ha! If you moved to my hood you'd have no such problem (sadly).

Several of the otherwise nice-looking houses in my road are completely blighted by the hideous things. Before you brand me anti-satellite, I should add that I have a dish myself and have absolutely no problem with them as long as they are discreet and sympathetic to surroundings. But I do think people who mount massive, over-sized beasts on the front of their properties are selfish, and just seeing one of those things is enough to let me know that the residents have absolutely no regard for their area.

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