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Models and make up artists collaboration : wanted for tests : 2013

Collaboration with models and make up artists that need tests please contact for next year, needed for portfolio.


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Jill C
Sorry are you looking for just models or also make-up artists? Thanks
Fifi R
  • i am interested in getting some headshots done. not a model but very photogenic. i am also part of a community theatre group and know a few people who would be interested in getting headshots as well.
Carl S
@Jill separate Models and make up artists, would need to take a look at style of make up or past work. Models are for fashion, examples would be needed of previous shoots or evidence of building up work.

@Fifi, thank you for the enquiry Fifi, we already shoot head shots, however it may be something to consider, best wishes.
Carl S
@Fifi hi there, it would be best to keep in touch, how would we do this on here?

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