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charity door knockers

2 men have just knocked on my door 9pm asking if i would sign up to "oxfam". week or so ago it was "help the aged", roughly the same time aswell. (there have been others aswell) can they do it this late?


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Wendy E
9pm is the cut off for door knocking x
Chris N
Last one I had at the door was Battersea Dogs Home guy. Genuine in as much as he had a card and said I could call them if I doubted him. He asked if I would give £2 per month for cats that were being taken in at the Dogs Home. I didn't laugh but did not offer anything. 
Reminds me of Hillside Animal Sanctuary Frettenham that brought 20 dogs to thier sanctuary from Romania. Haven't they got enough animals to look after without bringing dogs from Romania.
imagine if they had to bring "proof" with them to the door??? dogs, cats, o a p 's x
Lynda E
I have had them at my door as well - for more than one organisation.    In the summer, during Council election period, I heard a knock on the door.    I opened it thinking it was someone who wanted my vote for their party.  I was shocked to find one of these "chuggers" acting for one charity - I told her I didn't give at the door - sorry.    I thought she had gone - later, another knock, it was the same girl again!    Don't  they have a tick list of the houses they have knocked at?  I know political parties have clipboards to note down what happens when they have knocked on doors!
Lynda E
Another knock last week - I shouted "Who is that?"    When no answer came I opened the door to find a young male "chugger" who obviously decided not to say who he was until I opened the door!  It was reasonably late in the evening and some elderly people may have not even answered their door even if they were obviously in.
With so many scammers out there at the moment, charities must be mad to under value their charity work by employing people to knock on doors for money.  All it takes is one member of the public to be assaulted in the name of a spurious charity and all charity door-step fund raisers will tarred with the same brush.  Are these charities minus common sense, or is it an naive choice made by employing marketing agencies who tell them the best way to extract money from people is  knocking on doors?  I certainly wouldn’t be happy to open the door to a stranger at 9pm on a dark winter’s night let alone part with money.  Perhaps these charities are so money-grabbing that they don't see the adverse consequences that this type of fundraising could have. In cases of door-step chugging,  suggest that the name of the charity be taken and contacted and told if anyone knocks on your door again and asks for money that you will call the police and let them know that you are being blackmailed in the name of charity - Or, just put a note on your door stating "Charity begins at my home, not anyone elses- So don't bother knocking"!
Lynn F
You can get a printed sheet to put on your door or in the window which says NO COLD CALLERS.  Charity or religious group?  Please don't knock either. Please leave and do not return. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.  You can obtain this notice on line from
I have greatly reduced the number of cold callers at my door by using a 'No Cold Callers' sticker, which can be obtained from the police.
Maurice L
I have this sign on my door downloaded from  and now if I get anybody who knock on my door I take a photo of them and report them to the police... (They dont come again)...
Anthony W
Last nite at about 5pm there was six students standing outside my block hitting all the buttons, its a secure block, I went out and told them what they was doing was not funny, also to do it in daylight and no later than 3pm; they of course disagreed. One of them I recognised from last week who I had told then that charity scrounging at 7pm was taking the pizz, this time I told the lot of them to feck off as they were not getting in my block, nor were they wanted. Please excuse my bad language.
John R
I had people saying they were from SKY. THREE times on the same day. When the last one knocked at about 8pm I asked for the phone No. of the people employing them.  Its a legal requirement that they give this. The number the young woman gave me turned out to be totally bogs and the chap in Yarmouth who it belonged to was getting a bit p****d off at being called.

I have a 'No Cold Callers sign right next to my doorbell and They still ring it saying "I didnt see it" when its pointed out to them. Its A5 size printed in bright colours. I usually refer them to SpecSavers.
The best excuse was recently when a young bloke selling double glazing etc. rang one afternoon and his reason was that he didn't know what the sign said was that he was Dyslexic. I just wonder how he planned to to fill in forms etc.
Anthony S
Wendy, they were probably working for a marketing company who are paid to get subscriptions for different genuine charities. The person who knocks on your door is only paid if you agree to pay £2 to the specified charity. They come during the day but often return in the evening hoping to catch somone in.
I'm with G-DAY
David N
Why on earth don't these people do something constructive , like helping old people get shopping ,or keep the streets clean, 

What i do is take a photo of them , then post it on line saying "" beware this person is a predator""

they don't come back
Anyone cheeky enough to call at 8pm or 9pm at night, if they're not wearing a Uniform belonging to the Police, do not deserve to be answered to. As others have said, put a notice up from the Moneysavingexpertsite....
Francesca S
David N., they are not volunteers, but payed (not so much) workers of a marketing company...

It's like insulting the people that call you on the phone from a call centre, satisfactory may be,  but a bit pointless.
Old Taoist inactive
Some areas get more calls than others because the organisations use a service that reputedly marks certain areas as being more "affluent" than others. Therefore, for example, streets with larger private houses may get more callers than streets with older council houses on.

A neighbour has suggest putting a sign on the door that she says you can get from the police station; says something like "No Cold Callers" with a police symbol on there. You could make you own up saying the same or "No Cold Callers - No Advertising" and laminate it.

These people are a pest and like leaches, as many charities employ "executives" that receive quite a high wage. This street and doorstep practice should be banned and there are far too many that are "dubious" with donations nowadays. Personally I only donate to a few or support in other ways, like Salvation Army (who take hot soup and clothes to homeless in winter), Dr Bernados (homeless kids who've lost all relatives), Greenpeace (good work all over the world) and maybe Lifeboat, etc,.
Old Taoist inactive
Francesca mentions "marketing" and "call centre".
I noted that this web-site, like many others, wants to get personal details from you, like Post Code, address and even (in this case) Credit Crad details!!! Amazing. I just hope that none of you would be daft enough to give these details as this could lead to more marketing calls; after "streetlife & Co." have done a credit check on you!

This kind of practice is all too common on the Internet these days and no government seems bothered about making laws against it.

See my new post: 'Internet Security'

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