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cheep places to stay near Greenwich

hi all i have been asked to do a call out  do anybody know any or can  recomended accommodation in or around Greenwich area there is a huge cast reunion  next month some of the cast members are looking for overnight b&b etc as there coming from all over the country 

thanks and i pass it on to the casts 
barbara xx


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Jenny L
What cast ls that barbara?
Barbara L
the olympic and paraolympic casts
Dee S
theres a coupls of  newish hotels near the 02 but if the reunion isnt there then they are a bit too far from Greenwich proper.
Barbara L
ta dee this will be passed on to the cermoneys casts the location is Studio 338
Dee S
sorry dont know th location of Studio 338. if they Google -Trip Advisor they shoud be able to recommend budget hotels/ Or if you try they will ask you to join but is free and they have a travel section put your question on there and someone will answer it for you its very helpful , its a bit like a bigger version of Streetlife, I spend hours on their Chatterbank in the mornings., does anyone else use it ?

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