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Any recommendations for opticians in the area.


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Julee P
I work at Boots Opticians in the high st and recommend Mr Farrar. Has worked there for years and very popular.
Linda W
I use Martin Rivett in London Rd South. 01502 500126 would highly recommend I have been using him for over 10yrs.
Margaret R
I use Sergeant & Barbers of Oulton Broad, I usually see Mr Barber -excellent.
Margaret B
I always go to Specsavers. They have an efficient check and last year picked up a problem in my eye that I wasn't aware of. I saw the eye specialist in a few days and had a minor operation to rectify it. Specsavers then did a free re-test once I had recovered. Their glasses are fashionable and and reasonably priced and if you don't want the free pair they will give you another offer - I had free varifocals instead.
Jane D
Mr Rivett on London Road South is excellent, thorough ( did tests as standard that I had never even heard of at national chain I used to use) and his staff are friendly, efficient and extremely helpful. Definitely worth booking an appointment.
Martin Rivett in London Road South, absolutely no question.  Been going to him for 20 years plus.  Tried one of the chains, and lived to regret it.
Roy M
Sergeant & Barbers of Oulton Broad, Mr Barber -excellent.
Vinnie H
If you want the best service in town I would not go to anyone but Martin Rivett. The service is exceptional and the prices are very good and better than some high streey chains I found.

That man knows his stuff and ladies in reception are very friendly and helpful.
Complete Bathrooms
Martin rivett  london road an excellent service and very friendly
Bluebell A
i would not go to anyone but martin rivett, he is very good. a friendly establishment i have reccommended him to a few people and they are all pleased they went to him. i would not go any where else.

172  london road south
telephone      01502 500126
Lily J
Anyone tried Boots?
Dave W inactive
I've been with D. Kneale at Gorleston, he's a good honest bloke and well educated. I actually met him in London years ago (1982?) as a specialist in a top london eye clinic and then found he moved to Gorleston.. I was trialled by a hospital team with the first release of long term contact lenses.. this guy knows his stuff if you want a local expert..
Lez P
I use Sergeant & Barbers of Oulton Broad, I usually see Mr Barber -excellent.

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