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Does anyone know of anywhere that does Tai Chi, or similar exercise, in local area? Thank you!

I have a bad knee so am looking for something very low impact.


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Brian S
Ring local group on 01493 789992 (meets Gorleston), they have articles in Village Voice - community magazine for Belton, Burgh castle, Fritton & St Olaves which can be viewed at - follow link to February Village Voce via index, then look at page 10
Lisa J
Thank you Brian. I followed the link, and I couldn't find page 10. Nevermind though, your comment prompted me to do more google searching, and I found the Tai Chi Qigong Centre in Belton, which holds groups in Gorleston. I think Belton will actually be better for me. I'm now wondering how I have managed to miss this place! Thanks again.
Brian S
They are based at a Belton address but meetings are in Gorleston
Lisa J
Okay, thank you. Will give them a call.
Lisa J
Brian, thank you once again. Am going to a taster class tonight in Gorleston. Excited!

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