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The Heritage Lobby and Energy Conservation

I am setting this up because a discussion of this topic has started in a conversation about the desirability of saving Athlone House from re development. It seemed to me another conversation was needed as, while it is an important topic it was not directly relevant to the particular case of Athlone House and its impending distruction. Yet people are obviously interested.

For my part it seems clear to me that there can be a conflict between wanting to preserve heritage on the one hand, and going for greater energy efficiency on the other.....
I'm with Crouch Hill Park


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Mary B inactive
On the subject of energy efficiency v heritage/character, the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group is offering householders free practical advice at the '21st Century Homes Muswell Hill' event, Sat 2nd - Sun 3rd February.

On the Saturday afternoon (2nd Feb): conference and exhibition from 2-5pm at the Muswell Hill Methodist Church, Pages Lane N10 1PP.   A chance to hear from experts in architecture, insulating, heating engineering, lighting and renewable energy.

On the Sunday afternoon (3rd Feb), 2-4pm there's an opportunity to visit local homes who've already made energy efficiency improvements (no charge).  Booking essential at

Please see more details in the flyer attached.

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