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All we want for Christmas....

Please take some time to sign the online petition to stop CARPENTERS ESTATE from being sold off by Newham Council to UCL for private development. If we allow these councils to continue decanting working class people from the area East London will no longer be the unique & interesting place it is.
Many of the people on the estate have lived there for over 40 years. Some old dears have already been turfed out of their homes & dumped in more remote blocks in the borough where they know no one !
Residents & students are campaigning to stop this injustice. There's a Facebook page"UCLU Save The Carpenters Estate" also a demo will be held today (Wedneday) at UCL ( University College London) in Gower St W1 ( The Quad Campus) at midday.
But most importantly please sign the online petition at CHANGE.ORG, go to "UCL Council: Stop the displacement of Carpenters Estate Residents" & please sign the petition! THANK YOU!


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Michelle H
Thank you Zoltan L! You're right, everyone should sign it. Whether you are a council tenant, renting from a private landlord , a freeholder, or a "Right to Buy" freeholder- all these groups are represented on CARPENTERS & ALL face the prospect of losing their homes . No-one has secure tenure these days, the Councils are doing just what they want. They must be opposed! SAVE THE CARPENTERS ESTATE!
Mags I
I've signed it. This could happen somewhere else in Newham in the future. We need to support each other.
Michelle H
Thanks Mags! You're exactly right, many councils are doing this, they are trying to 'gentrify' working class areas now, also known as 'social cleansing '. Even if you own your home with the 'Right to Buy Scheme' ( as my mum does on CARPENTERS, you are not secure! There's also a Facebook page 'SAVECARPENTERS ' in case you're interested. Cheers Mags!
Gemma C
Done it, and shared on Facebook!!
Michelle H
Thank you so much for your support Gemma C, every signature makes a difference.
Como Contracts Ltd
think it's already been sold off, I know someone who  put a budget  cost plan together for the development.
Nick H
Robin Wales had the nerve to say in the last issue of Docklands and East London Advertiser that his "vision for the borough is to create a place where people choose to live". Oh my aching sides!!! His involvement with the social cleansing of Carpenters Estate points clearly to the opposite.
Alan P
I think the Advertiser must have misquoted Sir Robin !  He most likely said 'his vision for the borough is to create a place where HE CHOOSES THE PEOPLE to live'.
Michelle H
Exactly right Alan! He (Sir Robin Wales) has no real interest in the people of Newham(only at voting time and that's about it).
 I'm traditionally a labour supporter but realise that because Labour have had no effective opposition for generations in Newham we now find ourlselves in the situation where we practically have a dictator in charge who can do almost what he wants. CARPENTERS ESTATE residents are n't the first victims & definately won't be the last!!
Anyway, please don't forget to sign the petition. Go to Change.Org, then petition "UCL Council: Stop the displacement of Carpenters Estate residents"
Thank you!
Michelle H
Hello everyone! Here is the link for the petition., just 8 more signings are needed to reach 500 signatures! There's also a nice little video showing some of the residents.
Glynis C
We faced the same social cleansing in Forest Gate town centre. The Council went behind our backs to sneak through planning controls to force local people out of their homes, businesses, church and community facilities in order to build high rise high density commuter homes to provide vast profits to a Tory carpetbagger. It is possible to fight them and win. Keep going. The ordinary people of Newham have had their backs turned on them by a Labour Party they have voted in for generations. Don't make a mistake - Sir Robin did not do this alone and he can't do this without your votes. He and his mates have betrayed the people who have been loyal to them. We don't need Tories but we do need decent government by people who can remember who put them there in the first place.
Michelle H
I totally agree Glynis! What was the outcome with Forest Gate town centre? Newham Council will shoot themselves in the foot eventually, they will eventually lose all of their ' customer base' if they aren't careful, but that might be to late for communities currently under threat! Even so , as you say, everyone must oppose this outrage.
Fred B
OK First time I have written to a local rag.But I must have a grouch. How far dose this go.? Who will read it.?. I bet them that should read any article published on this site don't. Right=Carpenter. Road estate what the hell dose the council and Wales think they are doing?  They have just knocked back the mega mosque,so I read because it would not serve the greater community, OK So why not offer the UCL,this site, which is the Birk & Spencer acids site much bigger.Near two London under ground stations.also a DLR station  END OF MESSAGE.

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