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All we want for Christmas....

Michelle H in Mill Meads
Please take some time to sign the online petition to stop CARPENTERS ESTATE from being sold off by Newham Council to UCL for private development. If we allow these councils to continue decanting working class people from the area East London will no longer be the unique & interesting place it is.
Many of the people on the estate have lived there for over 40 years. Some old dears have already been turfed out of their homes & dumped in more remote blocks in the borough where they know no one !
Residents & students are campaigning to stop this injustice. There's a Facebook page"UCLU Save The Carpenters Estate" also a demo will be held today (Wedneday) at UCL ( University College London) in Gower St W1 ( The Quad Campus) at midday.
But most importantly please sign the online petition at CHANGE.ORG, go to "UCL Council: Stop the displacement of Carpenters Estate Residents" & please sign the petition! THANK YOU!

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