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Skatepark in Ramsey?

I've just been on another local news website, "Shape your Place" and it seems the young people of Ramsey have decided to let the public know how desperately they want a skate park in Ramsey.
It seems forever that young people in Ramsey have been asking for a skate park and I can't really see why they can't have one.  Am I a minority adult in this? I know there are risks but other areas not a million miles away appear to have dealt with it as there are skateparks in other areas. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the problem is?


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Mike C
There are places for Skateparks but not in close vicinity to residential housing.

Skateparks themselves attract congregations of children and youths along with antisocial behavior  and nuisance in the evenings and weekends. This will result in confrontation and reduced property values.

If we must have a Skatepark, let it be away from housing and somewhere it can be monitored.......  Ramsey Sports Center perhaps?
Steve M
That is a bit of a NIMBY attitude to take Mike........Anywhere as long as it is not in Bury eh?
A skatepark could be located in any of the towns recreation grounds
Carol S
Thanks for your comments Mike and  Steve,

I have to admit I would like to see the youngsters get a skate park but have not ever lived near to one so haven't got first hand experience of them.  I remember a news item on the TV a while ago about a skatepark that was in danger of being closed because of the noise of the skateboards on the surface bothering nearby residents.  I think I have been told recently though that a law states skateparks have to be a certain distance from residential areas but not sure what the distance is.

The most experience I have is of one off visits only.  I have visited the skatepark in Saffron Walden which is at the rear of the leisure centre and on the edge of a park type area.  I visited that on a Saturday and there were between a dozen and twenty young people on it but there was also a young child of about 6 on his scooter.  His father was sitting on the bench nearby reading a newspaper.  There wasn't any threatening behaviour while we were there but we did feel "out of place" so is that what  people really feel and they mistake it for feeling intimidated by lots of youngsters in one place?  

Also when I pass the skatepark at Stanground there don't seem to be huge gangs hanging around, but that too is usually a Saturday afternoon, perhaps it's different in the evenings.

Even though I am all for the idea of a skatepark in Ramsey I think research has to be balanced so I would be very interested to receive comments from people with first hand experiences of living near a skatepark.  I would be interested to know where they lived, ie. rural or urban, where in the city/town/village the skate park was, if it attracted anti social behaviour did it move the anti social behaviour from the town centre, was the skatepark indoor or outdoor, did the skaters using the park ever have competitions that brought visitors/paying customers to the area?

As I don't know you or your circumstances Mike, do you mind me asking such questions of you, because I feel sometimes we're afraid of something because of what we perceive rather than what is fact and I would like to gather information using facts if you can help.

Thanks for your time.

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