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Greetings: Just to let people know the WBG AGM is Monday 18th of February.

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The Bee Centre Barsham

Feb 18


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Jean Samuels
Where in the Beccles area can I buy local honey at the door rather than the shops( they put extra on the price to cover their overheads) please.
Hello Jean, There was a very limited amount of honey for sale last year as it was a very difficult year for the bee!  Sorry about that.  Will
Jean Samuels
That's a shame Wil .  I will have to stick to Beccles Health shop and the Flower shop in the high street at Carlton Colville.  Jean
Hi Jean.  You may like to visit the Grange Farm Ho adjacent to the Bee Centre Mike may guide you as to who has some?  I dont think it would be good protocol for me to suggest as it would be looked upon as favouring one over others if you follow!  If you still have no luck you could ring me. Best wishes Will
June W
a place called west end just past geldeston church sells their own honey!
Clare O
I have honey for sale, I'm in the centre of beccles and i would happily sell you some from my front door:) and I have both set and runny honey xx
Jean Samuels
Thanks Clare Where abouts in Beccles are you please?
Jean Samuels
Thankyou Will I will visit grange Farm next time I'm out at Barshmam
Jean Samuels
Thanks June I have visited West end it's just nice to find somewhere in town more convienent.
Clare O
I'm in the centre of beccles on new market:) here's my number 07837973102
Jean Samuels
Thanks Clare I will call you when I am in town and collect some set honey  Regards jean
Thanks Clare - honey is delicious - highly recommended !!
Jean Samuels
Sorry Claire O, not to have been in touch will call you when next in Beccles regards Jean Samuels
Clare O
Thanks Carole, no problem jean chat soon xxx

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