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Can anyone recommend a good Sunday carvery in the Dereham area?


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Sally Brown
Hmmm...well it depends on your budget. I hate to admit it but Wetherspoons is good in Dereham. 
I've heard the George is good now but I've also been to the Kings Head in Norwich Street.....I don't know what the Kings Head is like now that they've had a management'd have to go try and see.
Outside of Dereham Town Centre - Darby's at Swanton Morely is good and so is The Lodge at North Tuddenham, Yaxham Mill in Yaxham or Necton Mill in ....yep you've guessed it! Necton.

I don't think any of them do a carvery as such but they do good meals.
Julie B
Cafe Verde have a carvery. We haven't been for a while but it was a good meal and good value when we went.

Outside of Dereham, the Copper Beech, (Longwater) or The Village Inn at Little Melton are good.

I can recommend The George, we had a lovely roast dinner in the resturant just before Christmas, (not a carvery), or The Canary and Linnet in Fransham do an excellent meal.
Maria K
Thank you both.  That gives me lots to choose from.
Angela C
I've recently (in the last month) been for a sunday meal at the Parson Woodford and the food was absolutely delicious. The pub has recently got new owners and they've clearly spent alot of money. The decor, service and food is superb. Also been to The George in December too. Food and service is good if you just want to go local (just don't try the trifle though which three people who tasted it said was watery and tasteless!).
Gemma G
Personally, if you don't mind travelling a bit further a field, then The Red Lion at Drayton is excellent!  Carvery is £4.99 mon-fri.  All fresh produce and always a choice of three different meats.
Elaine N
I certainly don't think you can beat Cafe Verde...all local produce and a warm and friendly welcome. You'll have to book though. Daughter and son-law  went to the Parson Woodforde recently and said that was very good too.

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