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Can anyone advise me how to send an email to South America  (I have no problems emailing to Europe) as these are returned stating MAILER - DAEMON,
despite utilising different email networks.


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Bill T inactive
its no different sending it anywhere ??
Bill T inactive
provided u have an email address to send it to
Jann V
Bill T

My email adresses in South America are correct I can recieve incoming emails but outgoing I obtain MAILER- DAEMON!!!
N. N. Coastal FM Social Group
Some companies/people send emails out from an email address (from anywhere in the world) but do not let you  reply to the same email address, I do not know your circumstances on sending your email.  Sometimes it comes back with Mailer-Daemon as a warning that the email you have sent is no longer working, or does not exist, or can even be part of a scam.
Jann V
N.N. Coastal FM Social Group

Thank you for responding, my family reside in South America.  I have since discovered that a "filter" (whatever that is) has been placed on my outgoing emails!
N. N. Coastal FM Social Group
Hi Jann, Thanks for the reply and I Im pleased you have found a solution to your problem,

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