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Bruce W in Campsea Ashe
When I first moved to Broad Road in 2002 there was talk of moving the speed limit along Border Cot Lane from by the telephone exchange up the B1078 towards Charsfield beyond the Easton road junction. I know of at least three accidents at the Broad Road junction in the past six months caused by vehicles approaching from the West at 60+ mph. I and many other dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists and drivers have had near misses here whilst trying to cross or join the flow Eastwards. It would not be over expensive for the county council to move the limit and could prevent a future fatality. Remember the van that landed in the garden below Broad Road ?
Another thing that has gone by the board is speed checks along Broad Road, it is becoming more and more dangerous for pedestrians crossing and drivers trying to get onto the road.
Has anybody else noticed and what can we do about it ?

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