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Meeting at Wherry

When is the next meeting at the Wherry ? Broadsiders

Have i missed it , anyone out there know ?


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June P
Betty   the next meeting is on Tue   next weel the  5 th   at 1 30 at the wherry
   hope to see you then     will  be nice if the weather dont snow

                      june x
Beatrice N
Oh so sorry June we had a hospital appointment , really would have liked to have been there .

when will the next one be please?
June P
       hi love its tomorrow at 1 30     at the wherry      5th feb       i think i maynot carry it on so fewb come     

   hope  maybe to see yo tomorrow            best wishes
Julie C
Hi June
Do you mean the 5th March?
June P
no love tomorrow    5 feb
June P
 its always the first tue  in the month   5 th feb              

andv 3rd tue in te in month  but  we were thinking last meeting we might not

carry on as there was not anyone there till one lass turned up gone  2 brian

and i was there on our own then len cane also abot  2 15
June P
    i am sorry  i thoght it was feb  i must be going mad  as Brian told me it was

   march i am so sorry i will take the next one that is the 3 rd  tesday in the  

    month then i will not be doing any more so maybe some one may like to take

    over as i have lots to do  and find it hard to cope witth as i dont want to make any more  wrongs

       best wishes to all    june

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