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I am hoping to start an "Indoor Car Boot/Table Top Sale, shortly, for those of us who are decluttering, moving house, have unwanted presents, make your own crafts, etc, etc, and would like some extra cash too, in a sociable atmosphere!

It will be central Exmouth, (not on the seafront!), and you do NOT need a car, nor a table, as tables will be provided and hopefully, you can pack your goods into a large suitcase, pram/pushchair, trolley or other means to get it to the centre.  Of course, taxis and (sometimes) buses may help, (for non-car/van Owners.

If there are enough people, the charge will be minimal, so let me know asap if you are interested!
If all works out well, and there is enough interest, this could become, perhaps, a monthly occasion.  (If there are people who cannot stay all day to mind their goods, then we can look at covering that too.) (£20 is the default figure.)
Please let me know if you are interested, and then we can get something sorted.
Let's face it, it doesn't have to be Christmas to get some extra money!


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Ms Exmouth
That sounds like a really good Idea! Do you know more about where it might be ?
I'd also be interested - good excuse for a de-clutter!!
I would be interested too. Trying to declutter and have been trying to go to a bootsale but rained off most days when I could have done one. So an indoor one would be good. As long as it gets advertised well too. Keep me posted please.
Jackie O
I'd be interested too!
Rowland H
any further info please ?
Hi All
I am SO sorry for the delay in replying to you.  (On this site, ever since I linked to Facebook it would not let me log in.  I asked for a new password but it didn't come. Today, on a desktop computer (at the Internet Café) I managed to find out it had something to do with being linked to facebook, so since I have deactivated that it has sent me the option to reset my password and log in at last!!)
Meanwhile, I have been slightly unwell, hence I have not acheived as much as I would have liked! However, due to Christmas activities, it seems unlikely that I'll be able to find somewhere SUITABLE before Christmas that is available and inexpensive. 
.... continued...
That said, I have found a possibility of somewhere for the last Saturdays in January and February.  (Any earlier and people aren't "buying".)  They are offering morning and afternoon slots of just a couple of hours, but I am hoping to combine as an all day slot of approx 10.00-16.00 approx, to enable more people to come in.
The potential rate will be around £9 per table for the whole day, (though this may come down depending on participants!), and I am looking at CENTRAL Exmouth, ie, in the area near The Strand/Magnolia Centre, etc.  (NOT the Seafront or Exeter Road.)
I am trying to find a variety of Sellers, as this is what Buyers are always asking for, and I am hoping that we make some profits in order that we can raise some money towards the Mental Health Charities/Support locally.
AS SOON AS I CAN CONFIRM SOMETHING, I WILL PUT IT ON HERE, AND GET SOME POSTERS OUT.  (I have had some interest from local Facebook users, but am stopping using that due to recent offensive comments too!)
Dear All
I am pleased to offerTWO dates now, for the proposed Charity "Indoor Car Boot"/Table Top Sale -
Saturday, 26 January
Saturday, 23 February
It will be roughly 10.00-13.00 hrs, (just off The Strand Gardens).
I hope to be able to post the table fee later today, or tomorrow at the latest.

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