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Volunteers Wanted - just for a few hours please!

Dear  All  

I am looking for a few Volunteers who would be kind enough to lend a hand to help set up/down tables and/or served teas and coffees for a couple of hours, approximately, on the last Saturday morning of January and February.

It is for a Sale that I am holding to enable me to raise funds and awareness of Mental Health, and so, especially, those with depression, or similar associated illnesses, would be particularly welcome!

Also, if you have an interest in mental health issues, or you are just another kind person willing to offer your time for the odd hour, I would be really keen to hear from you!

Please TEXT on 07817 762203/call and leave voicemail (due to bad signal).

Many thanks, in advance, for your support.


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Surely there are, at least, a few people on here who would like to volunteer the odd hour for a Charity... please?
Louise T
Hi, I would be able to help on the Jan date. I am hoping to have a table at the sale for the Feb one. :)
That would be great if you can Louise (T)!!

I shall be "multi-tasking" on the days, but just in case it gets busy, etc, it would be a great help.  (I am hoping people won't mind setting up their own tables, as I have before, but otherwise, I might need the odd hand.  Also, I am hoping to have a table of my own, as well as manage the kitchen, so an extra pair of "eyes" would be really useful.)

If you are the person that left a message on my voicemail - then I shall be calling you shortly anyway, to go over things.

Much appreciated!
Maureen L
Where is the sale being held so we can call in and give support  and maybe lend a hand?   I would be interested in giving  some help to Mental Health in Exmouth if I can.

Where is this being held?

I am afraid I cannot offer to help as have MS & so am restricted walking with a stick but, may pop in on the day & support you if I can.
I hope you do well anyway. Why have you chosen the Mental Health Charity, which is not meant disrespectful @ all as it is a Good Worthwhile Charity, just wondered thats all??
Dear All

Time is running out at the Internet Café - so, for now, please see the events listed on this site.

I appreciate any help/advice/support, and you can also text me on 07817 762203.
Sorry, Doonebabe, forgot to say - Mental Health does not have a shop in Exmouth (surprisingly!) and is one of the least supported, partly due to the stigma, but one that affects one in four people...
.... continued from above reply to Doonebabe (as computer timed out at the Library, and cut me off!) -

Yes, Doonebabe, as I was saying, "Mental Health" tends to have less understanding, funding and promotion of awareness, than many other Charities.  It is also widely misunderstood and carries an unwarranted stigma.  (For example, many people who have depression are told to "pull themselves together" - that is not helpful or something they can do, physically or mentally; it IS an illness.)  If people have even the slightest support with their illnesses then it may provide light at the end of the long tunnel.

In Exmouth, amongst many other places, there is a distinct lack of support and funding, (Rethink has two Recovery Workers for the whole of Exmouth and East Devon, apparently,) therefore, if I, and others, can just do a little bit, each, to help, it will be a distinct improvement.

I hope that makes sense, and helps answer your question as to "Why Mental Health?", as I don't want to get on a soapbox.  Best wishes.
Maureen L - sorry for the delay; I don't have a computer, and so I have to rely on Exmouth's Public Internet facilities, which are limited and very expensive (particularly at the Library!).

The Sales are to be held at Wesley Hall - as per my "Event" posting. 

Volunteers would be appreciated from approximately 09.00 to 09.30 hrs, and then 13.30-14.00 hrs, to help set up and put down the tables.

One or two Volunteers would also be appreciated to help take orders, serve drinks, cakes and/or keep an eye on unmanned tables.  This can be anything from half an hour or an hour, or the full "shift" of 09.30-13.15.

Again, as per previous "conversation" posts and the "event" post, please TEXT me in advance if you, or someone else that you know, would like to take part, in order that numbers and arrangements may be organised.  (Tel no is above, and on event post.)

Many thanks, and best wishes.
Thanks Smiler for filling me in with the details, much appreciated!

I am REALLY sorry if my Volunteer most is confusing or misunderstood!

When I typed   "Also, if you have an interest in mental health issues, or you are just another kind person willing to offer your time for the odd hour, I would be really keen to hear from you!"  I actually meant that I would be keen to hear from prospective Volunteers, etc, that may have connections with mental illness.

I am NOT a Mental Health Worker, and so I am not in a position to call you for anything like that.

(If you do need "a chat", please do look at the "Time-to-Change" website where they have a list of numbers of people, and their hours, who you are able to call at varied hours.)

Apologies for any confusion that I may have, accidentally, caused!
Smiler, what made you pick Mental Health Charity, is it that you just wanted to pick this Good Cause to help them or do you have a personal connection yourself (this is NOT I should make clear a detrimental remark against you in any way) if you have, it is just that I wondered why, thats all. I think All Charities are going through hard times @ the moment so good on you to help this Deserved Cause!
Christine B
Smiler would it be a help to you to have a computer?  We have a Dell Dimension 1100, Windows XD, with Microsoft Office and 15" flat screen that you could have.  It's a good basic computer that belonged to my parents.
Doonebabe, I am a bit confused.  I replied to your query as to "why I picked a Mental Health Charity" to help raise funds for, because you asked this 11 days ago, and I also replied to your question, about 5 days ago.  Perhaps you missed it?  Maybe the screen wasn't showing the full reply, so if this happens, you just need to click on the "blue writing" to open it up.  I hope that helps?
Christine B, Thank you so much for the offer of a computer!  That is really kind of you!!  Unfortunately, I do not have a landline, and so no broadband.  (I did previously buy a cheap computer to use with a broadband dongle, but even the signal on that is too low where I live, as is my mobile phone!)  Much appreciated, all the same.

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