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dog training

wanted local dog training group for unruley puppy


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M.A.D Dogs train in Caister on a Thursday night? :)
Paula S
More details please
Jane S
Call Jill on 01493 749042
They train at the indoor riding school just by the recycling centre in Caister, on a Thursday night from 7 - 8pm
Lesley C
There is dog training in Gorleston on a Tuesday Evening at the hall behind the church on Magdelen way think it starts about 7.30pm 01493 781691  Lynn is the lady who can help you with details. Also another one on Nile Road in Gorleston but I think it is a set of lessons and you need to start at the beginning lesson 1 for that one and I think they may be up to about week 3-4 now although they will start from scratch again when this batch are trained think it is in the old drill hall there but don't have any more details about that one
Paula S
Thanks for that info
Penny at Norfok and Suffolk dog training is great!

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