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Good things about Ipswich

Since I spend a lot of time bemoaning what's wrong with Ipswich, I thought it would be nice to have a thread which lists the good things about it.  So let me start:

- It has no motorways in town, you'd be surprised how much it can isolate areas of a town with un-crossable  barriers

- It has a good selection of supermarkets

- It has some lovely parks

- It has a wonderful collection of tudor houses and saxon churches

- Generally, drivers are well-behaved

- The waterfront is quite pleasant


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Sally M
Reasonably priced housing,
lovely countryside very close,
lots of good restaurants
If you go looking lots of nice small independent shops
Tres B
Good to hear some positive views on Ipswich for a change. It may not be the most exciting or beautiful place to live but there are many that are FAR worse. We are indeed blessed with some lovely open spaces and beautiful old buildings and I love the Waterfront. Having moved to Ipswich 6 years ago from a Suffolk Village I have found a far greater sense of community in my street here than I ever did in the village.
As the founder (and only) member of the UK branch of the World Wide Society for the Appreciation of Traffic Lights, I think Ipswich is fantastic. I'm planning a Convention, but it's hard to know when to have it, as the place just keeps getting better and better.
James M
When I moved to Ipswich 20 years ago, I used to remark that Ipswich was like "living in the 50s but in a good way".  It was a little bit behind the rest of the country in terms of chain restaurants and horrible modern buildings, and there were a few relics of a bygone age around.  Some of these have gone now (which is a shame) but I used to like:

- The old petrol pump in the little lay-by outside Kwik Fit on St Margarets St.

- The painted 'Grocer' signs on the sides of buildings

- The railway crossing on Ranelagh Rd

- The railway tracks crossing the main road at Stoke Bridge
Mai B
- Gainsborough Library because everyone is so friendly and the cafe's so cheap

- The walk from the Ravenswood Estate down to the River Orwell (it's like living near the beach as there's sand and pebbles there)

-The Waterfront

- Arlington's Poetry Cafe Night

- Gippeswick Story-tellers

- Carved beams in the town centre and the beautiful Town Hall

I recently moved from Norwich where people were a bit negative about Ipswich.  I love telling them how wrong they are.
Trevor G
The Ancient House, the Waterfront the new developments by the river. Ipswich is still a rural town, with picturesque country side only a short distance away. In contrast the newer buildings Willis, Suffolk new college are a pleasure to see.
Kathie J
The many old buildings, free museums, free Art Gallery, free mansion, Town Hall with superb cafe, boat rides on the river, the views from the river at the Orwell Bridge and the Shotley Road below. Plenty of nice places to dine, love the parks and finally love the central library.
James M
And The Regent, from the outide looks like a 1970s cinema, inside it's very nice!
Tres B
....and the walk down St Peter's Street with places to eat and small independent shops, down to St Peter's on the Waterfont, home of some exciting music and the wonderful Ipswich Charter Hangings which tell the story of Ipswich through beautiful embroidery.
Andy A inactive

Nice to see James m with some positive thoughts.

Just a small thumbnail sketch of  my home town. How much we take for granted in our own town. In showing friends from Germany around our town one summer, I noticed  many things I had forgotten as they pointed them out in our walkabout. Its really fascinating to see your home town through another persons eyes. To see the natural beauty of the countryside which we speed past and never stop to look at. Suffolk really is part of the traditional beautiful England that people read about.  Ipswich has a varied and ancient history from the time the Vikings sailed up the river Orwell (the river that gave George Orwell his invented name) to the time of the Roman settlements. The Saxons and the famous burial ground ( Sutton Hoo) and we are lucky enough to be close to other major historical towns too. Ipswich has a superb historical background. Ipswich plays a significant role in English history. We are steeped in fascinating history. We are surrounded with lush green countryside and are just a stones throw from the famous Flatford Mill in East Bergholt where the great artist John Constable did so many of his famous paintings. Suffolk is world re-known for its huge skies beloved of artists such as Gainsborough who was also a local man. Ipswich is also close to the world famous Snape Maltings where musical artists of many different styles perform.  Ipswich is also the birth town of Cardinal Wolsey one of most infamous men in English history.  Ipswich is also lucky in being  close to the sea with  Felixstowe, Clacton  and Great Yarmouth (which features in Charles Dickens stories such as David Copperfield ) and many other coastal areas and wild life areas of outstanding natural beauty.  So next time you are in town on a warm summer day, just take a stroll with your camera or camcord around some areas you may not have visited for a long time. See things through a strangers eyes. I’m sure you will enjoy the experience.

Holly P
DanceEast is very good and a lovely new building, the problem for that and for most of Ipswich is the parking and the driving into the town, but once you've parked it's not too bad, no worse than anywhere else. I like the fact that it's quite compact. The New Wolsey Theatre is also excellent, with its Studio as well, and Christchurch Park with its new tennis courts, though the children's play area could do with some updating.
Natalie S
The Ipswich Star ;-)
Luke L
What I adore is the small town vibe you get with all the benefits of a relatively robust and varied service industry. Retail has taken a hit in the post-2008 climate but things are slowly looking up.

There are some major improvements that could be made by both the public and private sectors, but I am truly passionate about the sense of community that the town has given me over the years.

There's no reason why Ipswich can't be a true destination with the right leadership and the right investment. Just so long as there's a bar where everyone still knows your name.
Angela B
Ipswich has a good variety of public art, some of my favourites are the Wolsey statue, Giles statue, the fly swatter on the lavatories, obolensky statue etc,etc. but there are many more dotted about Ipswich

The Orwell bridge is impressive and the new pedestrian bridge is modern and fresh' we also have the grade 1 listed Willis building
Lovely parks especially Christchurch and Chantry
Ipswich musuem and Christchurch Mansion
Ipswich music day and other free musical events in Christchurch Park
Lark in the Park Chantry 
Fore Street swimming pool
medieval churches
Tres B
Thank you James M for starting this conversation. How good to read comments from people who can see all the good and positive things about the place where we live. No, of course it isn't perfect but then what town ever is? It is good to get a break from the moaners and hear about all the things we can enjoy and appreciate about our town.
Natalie S
I grew up in Romford and actively sought a job in Ipswich because I liked the town so much. It may bee feeling a little sorry for itself now, but hopefully the tide will turn at some stage.
I have heard people complain that shops are closing because of Westfield and that Ipswich cannot compete but this is not true.
Romford fell into decline when Lakeside opened and struggled along for years but then a marketing drive to promote the centuries old market, a change of axis to include the new Brewery Shopping Centre - which brought new names to the area that could not even be found in Lakeside - and a fresh coat of paint, glassed ceiling on the old mall etc and it is now a great place to shop.
Lakeside may have free parking, but Romford has spirit, history, character and locals love it. 

Ipswich could now learn a thing or two.
Yes have to agree,I lived in Basildon for most of my life before moving to Nacton village and have to say Romford was really transformed when they put a roof over the main shops and they brought big names in,have to say Lakeside has gone down the pan a you say Ipswich should take a look at other great shopping areas.
As a non driver, I have every praise for Ipswich buses. Having moved into Ipswich from a country village where buses were one every two hours, the buses here are fantastic. I work in the town centre and have all the handy little shops I need during the day. People are genrally pleasant. I have access to doctors, hospital, entertainment.
I'm with Suffolk Friends
Sentinel R inactive
I love that it has history- real history, old buildings, old churches, old streets. I lived in a bland new town for nearly 10 years where all the houses were the same. Ipswich has interesting buildings in so many streets but yet they seem to be either neglected or derelict all too often
Jane R
When my (born in Ipswich) brother visits who has moved to Tamworth he always says that what he really misses is the amount of different beaches we have around us.

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