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Sidmouth Pet Shop

Suzy B in Bowd
I cannot rate the Sidmouth pet shop enough!

Have gained a lovely rappor with the owners and their brood of dogs! 

The couple moved down from Wales last year just after having a baby after managing an animal shelter and bought the Sidmouth pet shop off of the previous owners. They are so friendly and will offer anyone advice. They have certainly given us many tips and tricks since we got our puppy in June last year. 

Such a massive selection of toys/treats & equipment and the owner is also happy to order anything in if they do not have it in stock. Plus they are happy to have any animals in there, so no tying them up outside!

Went in today with £20 to buy my puppy some new dog toys and treats, and the bill went over £20 but he happily called it £20 and threw in an extra few treats for him as well as giving him some there and then. Archie loved it. The owner also doesn't try to milk you for your money. Archie has been pretty hard to train to walk to heel. He seems to get the hang of it & then goes back to square one. He had a body harness, which was expensive and actually snapped (from Pets At Home) he also worked out how to get out of it and so was no longer useful. The owner sold lots of leads and harnesses but he said 'rather than buy an expensive harness, I'll recommend you use a slip lead, it's softer, easier to hold and you can just hook it over his neck, twist the end and hook it up on his nose...' it cost us £8 instead of £15/£20 for some of the others.

I will always, always give them the business for pet supplies. Such a lovely couple who do such a wonderful job!


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