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Bowling Alley

The headline on the Journal this morning, 2 months to get it finished, what do you think?


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I cant personally see it being completed in two months as it has taken so long now, i may be wrong but, have my doubts. Be interested to know what others think.......
Ann C
went along seafront yesterday morning and men were working on the bowling alley like ants we wondered what was going on  then we bought the journal i dount it will be finished in 2 months the inside is still an empty shell from what we saw through the open door
Roy P
Yes Ann i agree i dont think it will be complete on time as i was down the front the other day and looked in the doorway and thought it's still an empty shell, but i hope i'm wrong.
Ann C
i cant see how they can finish it in 2 months if they do it will be a botch up job i fear the inside has been like that for a long time roy
Elvis C
went past last night @ 10, people at work then with flood lights
Can't wait for it to open, it'll be great for Exmouth.  Will they finish in time though?  Who knows eh.
Roy P
Did you see the middle pages of the Journal today, yes it will be great for Exmouth it's looking good.
Roy P
So it's the 15th and what do people out there think about the the bowling alley progess? there seems to be more workmen there than before, so you never know could be open after christmas. 

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