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Tai Chi and Personal Training

Joanna F in Belsize Park
I'm writing to promote my husband Amir, as he is a bit shy about promoting himself.  Amir has be practising Tai Chi for the last thirteen years and he has been practising daily for the last eight.  He is a qualified practitioner and in my opinion he is a wonderful teacher.

I have been learning myself for the last two years and it has changed my life in so many ways.  It has improved my posture and has begun to realign age old habits (like walking with my left foot turned out too much.)  It makes you far more aware of how you move in everything you do.  This in turn has relieved a lot of back pain and headaches.  It has taught me the importance of flow in our energy, body and mind, from how we move to how we think.  It has revolutionised the way I look at exercise and made me a calmer, less stressed and more centred person.

Amir teaches one to one and I know he would be happy to put a local class together if there is enough interest.  He is based in Chalk Farm.  He also offers personal training to men who'd like to combine training and tai chi.  If your interested in finding out more about him, he has website which you can find at:

Obviously, it will sound as though I'm a little biased, being that he is my husband!  But I am not a shameless plugger.  Amir is a very unique and insightful person who I believe really has an ability to help people heal and that is something, that I believe is worth sharing with my neighbours.  

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