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Message From Police Direct

LH in Bacton
Message forwarded from Police Direct - Friday 22 Feb 2013


Officers are appealing for information following a number of incidents in Bacton & Cotton over the last few days.
In Cow Green, Bacton an insecure Renault Clio was entered sometime between 7.45pm Wednesday 20th & 7.30am Thursday 21st February. Nothing was stolen.
In Broad Road, Cotton between 11pm Wednesday 20th & 7am Thursday 21st February an insecure garden shed was entered and searched but nothing stolen.
In Station Road, Cotton an insecure Vauxhall & Ford Fiesta were both entered and searched between 10pm Wednesday 20th & 8am Thursday 21st February. A satellite navigation system was stolen from the Fiesta.
Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact Suffolk Police on 101 quoting reference ST/13/530
Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.
Police Direct Team
Shed/garage security
Since 1 January 2013, 41 sheds and 9 garages have been broken into across Ipswich. An estimated £7,200 worth of tools and bicycles have been stolen, as well fishing gear and motorbikes.  Of the 50 break-ins, 11 of the buildings had been left insecure.
Whilst you may not consider the items in your shed or garage to be of great value, please remember that most sheds and garages contain tools and other items that could be used to break into your house or that of your neighbours.
The following steps will help to ensure that your shed and garage stay secure:
Fit good locks to all doors.  Padlocks should be at least 6cm/2.5 ins wide, hardened steel, have at least 5 pins and be closed shackle.  Pedestrian access doors should have 5 lever mortice locks.
Fittings should be bolted through the door and reinforced at the back  with a steel plate or washer; hasps should have concealed screws.
Use the locks at all times, even if you are at home.
Cover the windows.  Either cover them with mesh or metal bars or least obscure the view with newspaper or an old curtain.
Make sure that the shed is in good condition.  Weaknesses such as rotten wood or holes in the doors or windows will be an easy access point for a burglar, even if there are good locks on the doors.
Fit additional locks to garage doors.  Garages with pedestrian access doors as well as up and over doors can be further secured by adding padlocks to the front of the runners when the door is shut to prevent the door being opened.
Consider fitting an alarm or investigating if your house alarm can be extended to cover the sheds/garage.
Secure items within the shed.  Lock items to each other with a quality lock or secure them to a fixed point in the floor.
Security mark property and register it on .
Use dusk to dawn security lights around the shed/garage.
Make sure that the boundary fence is in good order, at least six foot high and check that gates are locked.
If you see or hear anything suspicious, call police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.
For further information please contact your local crime reduction officer on 101.
For further information about security products visit or

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