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Skill to share: Knitting

Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in Knitting to help my neighbours out.


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Maureen L
Trying to brush up my past skills on knitting so glad to have someone we can turn to when we get in trouble with patterns.
Hi there, have you tried ? It's a brilliant website and a forum so you can ask questions. is good for patterns too.  I'm always happy to help if I can too.
Susan C
What a out doing some yarn bombing? As in Saltburn?
Yes, when i get stuck with my knitting & need advice it is nice to know someone here who i can ask, thats Great, thanks!
Thanks Marion & Denise for your offer of any help with any knitting skills or advice anyone may have on here, much appreciated & nice to know ur there to help us if need be.
Liz F
I have recently taken up knitting again after about 25 years away from it. Seems to be the new rock and roll!! Happy knitting everyone.
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Marion and Dee, do you knit to order? I ask because I've noticed how many people are asking for items to be knitted on Facebook. Admittedly. I'm looking at a specific market but there's obviously plenty of orders out there for people with knitting skills
Marion D
NIce to see all you comments above. No sorry, Viv, I generally don't knit to order as I've got enough of my own stuff to do, as well as working 4 days a week. My fingers will only go so fast...

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