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Dog Mess Problem Henley Road area

Carol C in Akenham
As someone who has recently adopted another dog, I am a responsible owner who always clears up after my dog.  I regularly walk him round the block that is Henley, Defoe, Fircroft and Pearcroft Roads and am disgusted that some people seem to think it is OK to leave piles of dog poo strewn across the paths.  I suspect there is one particular person who has a largish dog and never clears up behind it, as there are regular large piles of light coloured dog mess.  If I ever find out who that is, rest assured they will be reported to the Council!

Also there is a dog bin conveniently provided near the corner of Henley Road and Defoe Road, so why can't people simply lift the lid and put their poop scoop bags in it?  Walking round there this morning I went to use the bin and had to step over numerous bags that had simply been thrown on the ground under the bin, including one large carrier bag full! 

It really is very frustrating that some dog owners can be so dirty or lazy.

Rant over!

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