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Dog Mess Problem Henley Road area

As someone who has recently adopted another dog, I am a responsible owner who always clears up after my dog.  I regularly walk him round the block that is Henley, Defoe, Fircroft and Pearcroft Roads and am disgusted that some people seem to think it is OK to leave piles of dog poo strewn across the paths.  I suspect there is one particular person who has a largish dog and never clears up behind it, as there are regular large piles of light coloured dog mess.  If I ever find out who that is, rest assured they will be reported to the Council!

Also there is a dog bin conveniently provided near the corner of Henley Road and Defoe Road, so why can't people simply lift the lid and put their poop scoop bags in it?  Walking round there this morning I went to use the bin and had to step over numerous bags that had simply been thrown on the ground under the bin, including one large carrier bag full! 

It really is very frustrating that some dog owners can be so dirty or lazy.

Rant over!


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Mark H inactive
i agree carol. we have the same problem at bennett road , . i say dont blame the dog just the owner
Jade A
Hi Glen, i work for Ipswich Borough Council and we are now developing the idea of putting more dog litter bins around. My advice to you is to write into the council with the resquest for more bins in this area or even come to you local Area Communities meeting in St marys Ward and bring up the issue. If there is anything i can help you with please message me and i will try me best.
Honesty may hurt
I phoned the council only the other Week. About Some dog poo which was right across the path on Shakespeare Road. This was on the Thursday I rephoned on the Friday to be told it was on their to do list and it would be done on Tuesday. I then had to phone again the following Thursday one week after it was first reported as it had still not been cleaned up. I thought it might be a bit of an emergency as all of the school children on their way to whitton primary school & st Pancras primary school were having to go on the Road to get past this dog muck which was right across the path. I still don't think it has been cleaned up, I think possibly the snow has cleaned it as there are still marks on the path.
Jade A
Im sorry to here that. I can give you the contact detial for Cleaneripswich hotmail which is a where you can report street problems such as dog littering, fly tipping etc . The number to call is  01473 433000 I hope they can help with the problem you are faing.
Honesty may hurt
Thanks for that, it was cleaner ipswich I spoke to.
Jade A what about fag ends as where i live someone who lives in a ground floor flat next to the rd just tossers them out of their window onto the path, there must be hundreds of them, not only looks unsightly, looks like an ashtray.. they smoke indoors so why can't they put the fag ends in a ashtray ???
sorry to hi jack your thread carol  
Shirley H
I've been ringing the council re poo bin Henley Rd. It don't open which is why bags poo under it and on it. It cost too much money I was told to change to a rubber lid bin that would open instead of the metal lid. They said would try WD40 which didn't work ! I take mine home but I've seen some in hedges etc. But the council should have a bin that open. I'm fed up of ringing them now.
Carol C
Shirley - Just to say I have found the lid on the bin in Henley Road a bit stiff to open at times, but I've always been able to open it without too much effort.  I agree a sticking lid certainly won't encourage people to use it!

Ian G - Your problem with the fag ends is unfortunately another example of laziness by someone who doesn't care about dirtying their neighbourhood.  Perhaps it's worth reporting to Cleaner Ipswich?
Shirley H
Some days that bin will never open even strong men can't open it. Its crazy. Council should sort it.
Jade A
The only advice i can give to you is to write in direct to the council or even to call cleaner ipswich again. We have been having this on going battle with many roads being littered on with dog fuss, fag ends, flytipping etc. We are trying to work on the problem but it does take some time. The other bit of advice i can give you all is to attend your local area committies meeting which is held every 2 months, this is the place where you can talk directly to us sharing you opinions on issues and what you would like to see happen in your area. We post onto here everytime a new meeting is going to take place, so keep an eye out .  Maybe visti our facebook and twitter pages to get an insight on what is going on at the moment.
Shirley H
Been ringing and e mailing them since last summer. I don't use bin now I take it home. But look awful. I don't have time for the rest they must see how bad it is when guys try to empty it and its not in the bin. I know people who live nr it are fed up.
S F inactive
Jade A - we desperately need dog litter bins in the Marlborough Road/Wellesley Road/Darwin Road area of East Ipswich, in fact, the only dog litter bins in East Ipswich that I know of are on the local parks.  I no longer own a dog but when I did, I always cleared up afterwards even though there were no bins provided!  Do people get fined these days?  If they don't, then you'll always have this problem won't you.
Honesty may hurt
Jade A, please don't take this personally but we shouldn't have to keep phoning, emailing with repat requests to get things done.
Many people like myself with young families also do not have the time to attend these meetings, I also do not have or want a Facebook or twitter account.
Could these other council employees look into taking note as to what is being said on sites like this? As you are.
Also thank you for taking the time to read and reply to these posts, maybe someone further up the chain should be following your lead.
Jade A
Sorry for the delay in respond, I have emailed someone that might be able to give some help on the issue. We will try and get all roads cleaned up as soon as possible
Carol C
Some of the bins in the parks are also difficult to open with the lids being quite stiff.  Although I can open the one on Henley Road, I have to use two hands to do it and pull quite hard, which isn't easy with a boisterous dog in one hand and a bag of poo in the other! 

I was going to contact the Council about it also, but agree that it shouldn't be necessary to keep repeating such requests.
Carol C
Pleased to report that someone has responded to the prompting.  The bags have gone from underneath the bin in Henley Road and the lid opened easily today.
Jade A
So glad to here that the road got cleared for you. We have now set up out communititys team account and will be keeping a eye out for any issues we can help residents with.
Jade A
Just heard that a litter/dog bin has been approved for the Wellesley road bridge area. A consultation before christmas took place on request for new litter + dog litter bins in ipswich. The request where accuesd by the cleansing team and 83 other bins where approved around ipswich.

I would suggest that if you feel the need for extra bins in other roads suggested above, you contat the cleaner ipswich hotline and request additional bins to be placed there. 

Cleaner Ipswich hotline no: 01473 433000
Shirley H
The men often clear the bags when it get high. And WD40 the bin but it don't last long. Hope I'm wrong and its got a rubber lid now.
Wendy A
I can't understand why people are picking their dog's mess up but leaving the bags on the ground, bushes and even on a neighbour's garden. This is just as bad as not picking the mess up at all! Pure laziness and I just wonder what their homes are like! The footpath leading from Halesowen Close and Downside/ Furness Close is littered with dog mess most days. I feel it must be the same dog. It's absolutely disgusting.
Sarah M
It's the same on Montgomery Road. Someone reported it a while ago, and stickers were put up as a deterrent, but have made absolutely no difference. It is like an obstacle course trying to get my eldest, my buggy and me to school and back poo free. It makes me so angry. People shouldn't own dogs if the are not prepared to clean up after them. If only we could find the perpetrators and leave their dogs' 'presents' on their doorstep, see how they like it
I'm with Smiles of Cakes
Honesty may hurt
Ok. Stopwatches out, just phoned cleaner ipswich, dog mess on Stratford road wich has already been walked in and some on burns road.
Honesty may hurt
All good.. Cleaned up before the end of school. Many thanks to the cleaner ipswich guys & gals
The Batty Cat Lady
I would just like to say well done and thank you to the council for the 2 new litter/dog bins on Henley road opposite Defoe road and by the bus-stop opposite Henley Avenue. They are open bins so no lid to struggle with and easily accessable. No doubt some may complain of flies in the summer but they are well away from the houses and we can't have everything. I am not sure it will make any difference to those who allow there dogs to foul without cleaning up after them but I for one are grateful for them. Well done!
Carol C
I would like to echo Sally's comments. The new bins are very welcome, especially as the old one nearby is difficult to open again. I just wish we could find the dirty person who is too lazy to use them as there are still large piles of poo appearing on the nearby paths.

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