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Social walk and lunch~this Sunday 27th Jan

Next walk/meal will be on Sun 27th Jan. We will be meeting in Normanston Park and walking through the park to Oulton Broad, over the bridge and into Oulton Broad South, eating at Broadlands Social Club.

Subject to weather!


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Natalie H
Are dogs allowed please?
Berni D
first of all, the broadlands is no longer a social club,it is now call the quayside bar and restaurant. dogs are only allowed in the patio area and not in the bars. hope this helps.x
lizzie s
would love to do a sunday walk and lunch, but not just walking down a road to a  restaraunt, not interesting enough. is there no other way, woods or something
Fiona D
Hi, you should take a drive to Carlton marshes, sign posted off the A146 beccles road, park at the visitors center which is free then take the footpath on the right at the bottom of the car park and follow it to Oulton Broad. It's a lovely walk and the foot paths are very good to Oulton Broad, you pass Broadlands holiday village where you can have lunch or keep going right into the park where there are other places and walk your lunch off going back to your car. You might see Chinese water deer if your lucky. It's worth a look and about 25 to 45 minute walk each way depending on your walking speed.
Natalie, I wonder if they allow dogs in the main part.
Thank you for ideas about where to walk but we will be doing the walk as first mentioned.
The weather for Sunday should be mild and I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to come on the walk.
Jeni H
hi Sue - can't make the walk tomorrow, have some family visiting.  Will certainly look out for future planned walks.  Say hi to everyone for me and hope it all goes well.  Don't get too cold!
Jeni H, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy day with your family and we'll see you on the next walk. Su
We will be meeting at 11am in Normanston Park by the skating park and walking through the park, past the boats, to Oulton Broad, over the bridge and into Oulton Broad South, through Everitts Park, and eating at Broadlands [ex-Social Club].
Look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in this walk/lunch.
Many thanks,
lizzie s
fiona, that sounds more interesting, Carlton marshes
John R
Su...... we will see you at 11am tomorrow .
Sheila C
il b there, lookinf 4ward 2 it !
Fiona D
Hi Lizzie s, I thought you might like the mashes walk, as you mentioned woodland etc being far more interesting, there are quite a few well marked footpaths down there, plenty to see if you like wild flowers, birds and animals, deer you're only going to find when you're on your own, and couple of hours before dusk is good as you can watch the barn owls hunting, great for sunsets too, take a camera if you go
Sheila C
su, thanku 4 organising another great walk......   didnt plan on paddling thou !   i enjoy the chat, laughs along the way ....oh and the roasties !   looking 4ward 2 next time.
Thanks Sheila, I enjoyed it too!

Thank you to everyone who came today, lovely walk, lovely company and chat, lovely food and...such glorious sunshine!

Next Sunday we'll be going to Beccles and I 'll post something on here during the week. We will car share so please do not worry if you would like to come along but cannot drive/don't have a car.

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