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hair dresser

hi i am trying to find a good hairdresser i live in the stoke park area if any one can give me a phone number i would be very grateful thank you .


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Jean G
go to elenbrook green they are all very pleasent down there you can get the bus there the number seven stops outside your flats and it will stop at the beginning of belmont rd the hairdressers is called carly and co they are in the phone book !!also if you would like to go somewhere for lunch on a tuesday stoke green church do a lunch club from 11am there again you can get the bus from the otherside of road number 15 get off at maidenhall green meals are cheep £3 for special what is on the board or you can have soup baguett or burgers .this is for the comunity the school kids go there main meals start at 12noon and they finish at 1 pm .hope this is of some help good luck .
If you don't mind getting a bus into town why not try Deesigner in The Butter Market centre (Top floor). Appointments not needed although you may have to wait a while to get a specific person to do your hair. I've been going there for years and am very happy with them. Very reasonable prices too!
Sarah C
Lewis Hair Team are also good. They are in town next to the Hospice Charity shop and opposite Sainsburys
Barbara P
thanks to every one who answered  about  a hair dresser have a good evening.
Ana S
Hiya I've using  a mobile one Lisa  for over 1 year now, she's great and so much cheaper than a salon. let me know if interested.

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