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New estate at Sprowston (again)

The meetings will be held at the Diamond centre, School Lane today and tomorrow evening when the petition will be handed in. This may be our last chance to have our say on this! Today I took these photos-have a good look people as this may be the last time you see scenes like this in our locality.


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Sue H
Stunning photos.
Please come tonight for the Handover of the petition @ 7.30, we nerd to protect these areas.
Carl F
Think of what a project would do for the local economy and do to support the construction industry which is still struggling through recession.
Matt G inactive
I agree Carl, housing is required, economic boosts are required but unfortunately nimby-ism will hold us back.
In many cases it's got nothing to do with nimby-ism; I don't live in Sprowston but do value open space and the countryside. 

I will agree houses are needed, but the need is for affordable housing not luxury pads for people from down South who have money to burn.

As for building houses and boosting the economy, it's nothing more than a fallacy that is short-term and the policy of boom and bust, something that those of us of any age have witnessed countless times before.  
Sandra H
Broadland Council are meeting tonight-would be interesting to hear thier views on this!
I think most of these houses are intended for overspill from London not locals-no doubt many locals will move into them over time but this will in turn free up established housing for non-locals.

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