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The Pop up cafe

This was my third visit to the P.U.C the councillors were there and very pleasent people to talk to,I also had a chat to Trevor Payne and it was very interesting to hear what he had to say, I have also been invited to a meeting on the 6th March which I hope to attend, but around this time I also have a AGM with the East Suffolk Ostomy group so fingers crossed, but the best thing for me was the number of visiters, they were standing cheek to jowl and Madge was working very hard, but she managed. it only go'es to say this cafe and meeting place have just got to keep going, well done whoevers idear it was, but there is only one more Thursday to go, lets hope we hear diffirent by next week
Welldone Castle Hill Community Centre


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Castle Hill Community Centre
Thank you for your lovely and interesting comment Watchfull.

I have to say it was very busy this week and I hope it remains this way as we don't want this project to end. I'm sure that Madge is willing to carry on a bit longer to see how it goes.

It will be great if you can attend this meeting with the Friends of Castle Hill Community Centre.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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