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Landrover Discovery 3 Stormer Edition, 2006 "06" Plate, 80,000 miles, FSH, Metallic Grey, very nice condition in & out. £16,500 ono.

Call/text 07976 204442


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Finella F

Hi - do you have any pics ?

Simon G


Yes, lots, if you drop me an e-mail address I can send them.


Matthew G

Simon can't you just attach them here?  Just press the "Click to add an attachment" option when you're writing a comment!

Simon G

Oh yeh, so here are a few pics. Obviously the private plate does not come with the car, but it is up for sale if any one is interested?

It is supposed to look like 'GROVE' and I am looking for offers around £4,000.-


Its supposed to look like GROVE on what planet?  Looks very much like C 8 0VE to me.

I've never been able to understand the mentality of someone who would spend £4K on a numberplate, let along £16K on a 6 year old 80K Land Rover but good luck to you ... btw on Autotrader there are some similar vehicles for about £8K.

Simon G

Its a free world, you get your chance to make derogatory comments, I and others like to spend our money on things that others think are expensive. By the way there are also other similar vehicles with more mileage for £20K.

Simon G

You could look at it as a tax free investment, vehicle number plates go up in value, they have a better return than cash in the bank!!!!


I wasn't aware that I made any derogatory comments - I simply explained that a) I can't understand how a number plate can be worth thousands of pounds especially that one and b) that £16K for a land rover seems a hell of a lot when you can buy an apparently similar one for a lot less.

Matthew G

A capital gain made on selling a cherished number plate is taxable. See

Anne F

@Irksome - you were derogatory actually - Simon is just talking about selling a car & you launched an attack on his number plate & his choice to spend his own money as he wants to - a right we all have. Grow up - if he was saying he was a better person for having something like that, fair game, but it was off-topic and uncalled for. Not in the Streetlife spirit... which could be said for a lot of your other rather nasty comments.


No, I didn't launch an attack at all.  Nor did I criticise Simon for spending his money as he wants to.  I intimated that he was trying it on asking for £16,500 for a 6 year old Land Rover with 80,000 miles on the clock (with kerned alloys etc) and then having a laugh asking for £4K for a ridiculous numberplate - however there are mugs out there so I am sure he will be successful someday.

Streetlife spirit - do you drink it or are you supposed to wake up at night in fear of it?

Nicholas G

In the '80s I remember being given a lift in an 8 year old Capri the headlining was torn the dash was a mess of wiring spaghetti my driver told he wanted to sell it. To make conversation I asked  "How much?" He said two and a half grand  I snorted and said 'Its too old for Glasses" meaning it did not have a trade value.  He looked at me really offended and replied "It's got a two grand paint job!"

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